10 Problems Only Conservatory Owners Will Understand

Discover the secret to making your conservatory the hub of your home!

Put your hand up if you thought your dream of a warm, bright, cosy conservatory was going to be the perfect addition to your house, without any problems at all! You’re not the only one.  It’s safe to say the majority of conservatory owners have problems with leaking roofs, the room being too hot in the summer, overspending on heating, and… well the list goes on. Just remember, you don’t have to live like this!

We have taken the time to find out what issues you have and how Greenspace UK’s aluminium roofing panels will rid of any added stresses your conservatory has caused.

Top 3 Issues

4. The Glare

Ranking fourth, we have the glare. You know, when you’ve had a long morning, your favourite program is about to start, you’ve gotten comfy with a blanket over your legs and then you see is, there it is, the glare! We know that you result in closing your blinds or curtains, jeopardising the natural sunlight for your program. Well, what if I told you, you could have both?

Replacing your roofing with solid aluminium panels will stop the glare from affecting your daily downtime. I know what you’re thinking, ‘won’t solid panels make my conservatory dark?’. Take a look at what our customers thought, the light through the windows reflects off the roof keeping your conservatory bright. They don’t sit in the dark, so why should you!

5. Heating Bills

Have you looked at your heating bill recently? Are you in denial that it’s your conservatory raising your heating bills? Do you even remember what your bills were like before you had your conservatory? You need to take control, don’t let your conservatory be in control of you.

As heat rises, roughly, 25% of your heating escapes through your roof and windows. Trying to implement heated flooring is like throwing money out of the window, literately.

By changing the glass to an aluminium roof, you reduce the costs, sometimes not spend any money at all by can keep the heat in. All that money you’re wasting, you could be spending on holidays, days out, surprising the (grand)children.

6. Fading Furniture

Here’s a fun fact; the sun fades furniture because of its ultraviolet rays chemically breaking down the colours in your sofa, creating that bleachy effect. Which is not so much fun.

You spend a lot of money on making your house into a home. All the little touches, the perfect carpet, decorative cushions, and not forgetting the crème de la crème sofa that you’ve spent so long saving up for. Why would you go and place them direct sunlight? Well, you obviously can’t have your guests sitting on the floor but there is a way to prevent your furniture from fading.


7. Cleanliness of the Roof

I couldn’t name a single conservatory owner who sees what George Formby sees ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’

because there’s all that muck in the way! Not only is it annoying to clean, but the guilt you have every time you see a leaf fall or moss growing. Become guilt-free and discover the benefit of using a solid panel for your conservatory. Spend less time cleaning and more time with your friends and family.


8. Noisy in Bad Weather

Is it a stampede? Is it someone at the door? NO, it’s the rain falling on your conservatory roof!

There isn’t a worse thing than being interrupted whilst catching up with friends in your conservatory, so why let your roof get in the way? The panels we install are filled with 75mm of insulation which softens the fall of noisy raindrops. Face it, we live in Britain, the weather isn’t likely to change but you can change your roof.

9. Condensation

Having a room which 75% is made up of glass, you are bound to have condensation. With it being winter, the amount of condensation in your conservatory will increase. The usual thing to do is to have blinds or curtains to keep heat in, but this can make your condensation problem worse. The material traps the warm air between itself and the window. Ventilation is key. Fortunately, the way Greenspace’s panels are insulated, it keeps the room temperature at an average so less chance of condensation. Even if you need to prop the window open, you won’t feel the need to turn the heating on.


10. The Flies (Dead or Alive)

Remember in the summer, when your conservatory was hot, walking into your conservatory in the morning was like stepping into a burial ground with all the dead flies lying around. There comes a time when the fly squatter must go. Flies like your conservatory for the same reasons you do, for the warmth. The reflective aluminium surrounding the insulation, from which our panels are made from, deflect the heat, keeping it cooler in the summer season. So, you won’t have to worry when opening your windows!

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