A Conservatory Furniture Guide

The furniture you decide to decorate your conservatory with depends on a few different factors. And whilst you want your conservatory to look nice, you want to be able to spend time in it without being cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

So, we have a few things you need to consider when deciding your conservatory furniture, to make the conservatory your favourite room within your home!

  • What will the conservatory be used for?
  • How to turn a conservatory into a room
  • Do you want a modern conservatory or a traditional one?
  • What is your budget?
  • How will your conservatory can complement the rest of your home?

What is your Conservatory used for?

To start, you need to consider what your conservatory is going to be used for. A lot of conservatory owners installed the structure to connect with nature outside, without having to sit in the bad weather.

Although that is more traditional, due to the regulations, home trends and innovative ideas around conservatory décor have changed, and so has the use of a conservatory.

The after-care team at Greenspace UK, spoke with our customers to find out what they use their conservatories for after having our insulated roofing panels installed. There were a variety of answers, see what they said and get some conservatory room inspiration!

“I turned my conservatory into a bedroom”

“My conservatory room is now a lounge for us to relax in the evenings”

“I had a conservatory extension as before I only had a small conservatory, and now it’s part of our kitchen”

“Our small conservatory is now used as a utility room”

“We use our conservatory as an extra dining room for special occasions

“Now our conservatory is usable, we have created a more modern conservatory for our kids to use as a playroom”

Should I Have a Modern Conservatory or Traditional One?

Are you wanting a more modern conservatory, or a traditional one? To help, ask yourself…

  • What colour palette does the rest of your house have?
  • What style of furniture do you have in the rest of the house?
  • How big is your conservatory?

After deciding a style and found some inspiration for your dream conservatory. You need to consider the budget you can put towards it.


The Budget for Your Conservatory


The way our world operates today using technology to create innovative products and ideas, you shouldn’t need to worry about the costings of decorating your conservatory because there are so many ways of doing this. Such as, upcycling old conservatory chairs, choosing the vast option The Range conservatory furniture has to offer and using innovative ways to decorate a small conservatory.

Upcycle Old Furniture to Make Conservatory Chairs 

Most rooms have either a chair or sofa to sit on. A conservatory isn’t any different, therefore you need to consider the style of conservatory chair you wish to have.

You might have old furniture that you don’t like or is outdated. You might have even restored furniture from charity and second-hand shops. Either way, there are options to recycle these and with next to no cost, transforming your old-fashioned room into a modern conservatory.

Click the video to see how you can upcycle an old chair to create your perfect stylish conservatory chair.



The Range Conservatory Furniture

On the other hand, if you’re not one for a bit of DIY and want things to be sorted as soon as possible, but still don’t have a huge amount of money to spend.

The Range conservatory furniture offers a variety of materials and styles to fit your newly modern conservatory. Some conservatory chairs The Range sell can be used both inside your conservatory and outside. Just like this Rattan Conservatory selection below.

Smaller Space

If your conservatory is smaller, you can utilise the space by purchasing furniture which has more than one use. Some conservatory furniture combines the use of a sofa with storage space, or a table which folds into a larger table – ideal for special occasions!

There are so many furniture designs out there to fit whatever style you may need. Here are some storage space ideas to inspire you when designing and choosing your conservatory furniture.


How to Turn Your Conservatory into a Room

Have you now decided what your dream conservatory is going to look like, but can imagine sitting spending any time in it because it’s too cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer? You are not the only one. 84% of conservatory owners don’t use their conservatory for anything but storage space. Until they decided to change one thing…  The roof!

By changing the type of conservatory roof, you have, from the original glass or polycarbonate to insulated panels. It will regulate the temperature within your conservatory to create a space you can enjoy all year round.

GreenSpace UK pride themselves in making conservatories a more liveable space. By providing conservatory owners with bespoke insulated roofing panels which guarantee your room to be usable 365 days of the year. They ensure your conservatory will be warmer in the wintercooler in the summerquieter in bad weathersave you money on your heating bills and much more. They measure your current conservatory panels and work with you to choose your colour and design fitting to your current framework and style. Once made, the installation team will fit your new panels within one day, to ensure your life can continue with minimal disruption

Not only will the insulated roofing panels help regulate the temperature in your conservatory, but it prevents furniture from fading. By protecting your conservatory furniture from direct sunlight, you have more choice in the style and materials used, and the investment will last longer.

If you want to know more about Greenspace’s insulated roofing panels, fill out the form for a free no-obligation quote. Or give us a call on 0800 65 25 157 to speak to one of our friendly staff.


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