A polycarbonate conservatory roof replacement that is EIGHT TIMES more efficient!

Was your conservatory built pre-2011? If so, there is a very high chance that it will have a polycarbonate roof on it.

Polycarbonate is used for conservatory roofs because it is a strong thermoplastic material. It is also cheap to produce, lightweight and clear so over the years, it has become the perfect choice for conservatory installation companies to offer as a roofing option for customers.

The problem with a polycarbonate roof insulation is, however, that it provides very little heat or sound insulation. Whilst the roof will cope with extremely high and low temperatures outside, it isn’t very effective when it comes to keeping the heat inside during the winter or keeping it out in the summer. Polycarbonate roofs are also extremely noisy in bad weather – particularly when it rains. Your conservatory will be either roasting hot, freezing cold, or deafeningly loud, dependent on the weather outside.

If your conservatory currently has a polycarbonate roof insulation in it, the chances are there are only a few months of the year, where you will be able to comfortably use your conservatory as a living space and not a storeroom or dumping ground.

What We Do

Here at GreenSpace, we’ve now helped over 1700 homeowners to fix their conservatory roof problems. We replace polycarbonate roof panels with our made to order, Thermotec insulated panels which provide a full 8 times more insulation than polycarbonate panels.

Our panels are made from lightweight aluminium and contain 75mm of high-density insulation. They are tailor-made to fit your existing conservatory framework, meaning we can install them in less than a day and there is no disruption to your home or messy building work to contend with.

How Do Thermotec Roof Panels Work?

U-Values are used to measure how good a material is at insulating. The lower the value, the better the insulation. Our panels have a value of 0.29, compared to the 2.40 value of your existing polycarbonate panels. That’s 8 times more efficient!

This graph below shows a comparison of different conservatory roof replacement materials.

Polycarbonate conservatory roof replacement

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Replacement Comparison

So if you want to stay warm and cosy in your conservatory during the winter, enjoy listening to music, watching the TV, or sitting and reading a newspaper or book during bad weather, or relax during warm weather, a Thermotec roof from GreenSpace will enable you to enjoy all of the above, no matter what weather Mother Nature throws at us!

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