Add Value to Your Property

How can I add value to my property?

There are numerous methods of adding value to your property – some require very little investment, some require a little more. As the ‘improve don’t move’ fever sets in, we look at just a few of the things you can do to your home to increase its value.

Remodel Existing Space

Although extensions add value to your home – often this comes at the detriment of your existing space – such as gardens and driveways.

Before adding an extension – think about remodelling the space in your existing home to make the most out of it. Think about non-load bearing walls, unused hallways or studies that could potentially be opened up to create a larger living space.

Removing the wall between your kitchen and dining room is a very popular home improvement at the moment – creating an open-plan space that is more suitable for day-to-day family life.

Improve Kerb Appeal

The value of your house doesn’t just rest on internal features – often the first impression a potential buyer has of your house will be from what it looks like on the outside.

Simple changes such as tidying up the garden, repainting window frames and deep cleaning the brickwork can all improve the look of your home – in turn adding value to your property.

Add Bathrooms

En-suites and downstairs bathrooms will add value to your home. When evaluating your current layout, think about potential areas that could house a downstairs bathroom or en-suite if you were to optimise what you have already.

Try to plan this as close to existing plumbing as possible, to save you wasted expense.

Repaint your Walls

This one sounds simple, but it is something that many people miss when looking to make home improvements that add value. Having a quick refresh of your rooms with a fresh lick of paint can make the room brighter and cleaner.

Extra Sockets

We live in the 21st century and home gadgets, chargers and appliances are usually in abundance in a normal family home. All of these devices need sockets – and sockets need to be in the right place. Think about areas of your home that are lacking in sockets and consider adding more to create an easy access for any device that might need electricity.

Insulate your Conservatory Roof

Insulating your conservatory roof is an upgrade that adds an extra usable space to your house.

Insulated roofing panels offer a simple method of doing this. Installation takes less than a day, and you do not need any planning permission so the process is hassle free.

Green Space UK’s insulated conservatory roofing panels are made of aluminium and are fitted into your existing roofing frame. The panels are bespoke and tailor-made and come in any colour. In less than a day you can transform your conservatory into a space that you can use all-year-round.

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