Are You Getting Involved With Dry January 2020?

We Are!

What is Dry January?

You’ve probably heard it or said it yourself, it’s the beginning of 2020 so, ‘new year new me’, but have you ever done anything about it?

Emily did, back in 2011 when she tested herself to be completely booze-free for 1 month. Before she knew it, she was losing weight, sleeping better and had more energy! She shared her story with family and friends and within 2013 the Dry January campaign was formed.

Year on year, raising both money and awareness has become a massive social trend, and resulted in a positive change to people all over the UK. Professors and researchers backed up the health benefits with statistics, leading large corporations such as the NHS to partner with Alcohol Change UK.

What GreenSpace UK Is Doing to Help

After our busiest year, on record, some staff might be looking forward to Friday drinks… but we are doing the opposite. Some of the team here at GreenSpace UK have pledged to stay away from alcohol for 1 entire month.

We have downloaded the Dry January app, to keep track of our efforts, whilst promoting a healthy change amongst our friends and family.

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What You Can Do To Help

1. Pledge that you will not drink for 1 month.

2. Get sponsors or donate money online.

3. Involve your work mates by organising walks, put a swear jar within the office, dress down Friday’s.

4. Talk. The people closest to you might be suffering, talk to them and show your support in helping them.

5. Organise a Friday activity to fill the time you’d usually have a drink in the evening!

6. Download the Dry January App

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