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Is the heat in your conservatory too much? 

Polycarbonate and glass conservatory roofs can leave conservatories exposed to the summer elements. In effect, many conservatories become an extra greenhouse. In fact, when the sun is shining, it is possible for the temperature at the top of your conservatory to get to a staggering 70 degrees centigrade! That is hotter than the surface temperature of the hottest desert on the planet.  No wonder it can feel pretty uncomfortable in there in the height of the summer.

We had over 400 orders last year!

The demand was high for our replacement conservatory roof last year, with over 400 orders just in the summer period! With temperatures reaching a staggering 30 degrees last summer, conservatories all over the UK were becoming as hot as 70 degrees. No wonder we were so busy because we can solve this very hot problem! Each of our panels contains 75 mm of high density insulation, this is what reduces heat build up in your conservatory, as a result you will not have to sit uncomfortably in your own home ever again. 

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Transform your conservatory in less than a day 

We do everything we can to make the installation as simple as possible, ensuring very little disruption; one way we do this is by fitting the panels into your existing roof frame so we will be in and out in a day!

Our insulated conservatory roof doesn’t just make your conservatory cooler in the summer. It will improve your conservatory in so many other ways:
Warmer in winter
Quieter in bad weather
Usable all year round
Installed in just 1 day
Reduced glare in your conservatory
No more faded furniture
Less condensation

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