Here at Green Space UK, We Offer an Alternative to Blinds in your Conservatory

Planning regulations required a conservatory roof to be 75% translucent. In 2010, the building regulations changed. Blinds have been a popular alternative, when looking to improve a conservatory.

During the warmer months, they can be a useful option. The blinds will help to protect the conservatory against the strong sun and glare. They don’t however stop the warm from heating up your conservatory.

In the colder months, blinds often prove to be ineffective. They offer minimal heat retention and insulation, meaning conservatories are often left freezing cold.

One of the most common issues during the winter months is condensation. Though blinds don’t directly cause condensation, they often become dirty and can develop mould. The solution to this is to improve the ventilation in the conservatory. This however usually requires improved heating, an extra source and added cost to your energy bills.

Blinds can often get dirty and with added mould, eventually will require replacement.
Our insulated conservatory roofs can help you use your conservatory year round. Each conservatory roof also comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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