What are the best conservatory plants?

 What are the best conservatory plants?

Plants are often used to bring some colour and vibrance to a conservatory. At Greenspace, we love seeing conservatories full of plants, not only does it look great, but having plants in your conservatory is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

However, choosing the correct plants for your conservatory can be a challenge. Often conservatories can be cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Our Thermotec panels can help to alleviate these issues and give your plants the ideal place to thrive.

We asked some of our green-fingered colleagues what their favourite indoor plants are and here are some of our favourites.


An evergreen climber, it’s a great choice to add a pop of colour to your conservatory its red and white flowers show all year round. Hoya also has a delicate floral perfume which is great in an enclosed space.

Hoya Flower


Echeveria Elegans

More commonly known as Mexican snowballs. These clump-forming perennials produce delicate pink flowers over the summer months and have silvery-blue leaves throughout the year.

Echeveria Elegans


There are several different variants of the Mandevilla, but our favourite is the ‘Fuchsia Flammé’ for its eye-catching flowers. Native to Central and South America it’s an ideal plant for warm/hot conservatories. One word of warning it can be toxic to cats and dogs if ingested.

mandevilla flower



Commonly known as a pitcher plant and found across North America, an unusual addition to our list due to their carnivorous nature. They form tubes with digestive fluid in the bottom, which breaks down any flies or bugs attracted. Ideal for a conservatory with a bug problem and for those looking for an environmentally friendly way to deal with pests.

Sarracenia pitcher plant