Home improvements that give you more space to enjoy

Home improvements that give you more space to enjoy

According to recent research, the average person in the UK spends 22% of their time inside.  With the current restrictions put in place by the Government to combat Covid-19, many families are finding themselves confined to their homes.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly apparent that many homes are just not big enough to accommodate this change in usage.

This got us thinking, and Greenspace has put our heads together and come up with a few ways to maximise your home with some home improvements.

Convert the loft

An ideal option for tight urban areas, lofts are often used for storage. Still, by converting yours into usable space, you are potentially gaining another bedroom, gym or home office. Depending on the type of conversion, you decide you do not always need planning permission. The downside to loft conversions is the disruption to your home and the cost, seldom are these types of projects quick and cheap.

Lower storey extension

Building a lower storey extension is a popular choice for homeowners with larger gardens or semi-detached properties. An extension can provide the most significant expansion of a home’s footprint. The space gained can be used in a variety of ways the choice is endless. A word of warning, extensions are a longer-term project, and with a high price tag, the average cost of a UK extension is circa £40,000.

Create an open-plan space

Knocking out a wall and linking your kitchen and dining room is a way to create the illusion of space without actually gaining any. Open plan kitchen-diners give the impression of airy, welcoming spaces which are ideal for modern family living. Before knocking down any wall, it is essential to consult a surveyor to ascertain whether it is safe. Many dividing walls are load-bearing and removing them without professional help could result in structural damage and injury.

Reclaim your conservatory

Has your conservatory been sat unused due to being too cold? Too hot? Too noisy? It’s a familiar story. We hear these tales of woe often here at Greenspace, and many conservatories go unused for these reasons.
However, we have a solution; our Thermotec roof panels can replace your current conservatory roof and be installed within a day. Bespoke to your existing structure, no planning permission is required. This leaves you with the task of what you are going to transform your newly converted space in to.


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