What room is best to convert into a home office?

What room is best to convert into a home office?

In these unprecedented times, more and more people are looking to reclaim space in their homes to convert into home offices. The Office for National Statistics shows that a massive 49.2% of adults in employment are now working from home.

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the working landscape forever and now the commute downstairs or to the garden is a much more appealing solution keeping everyone safe and saving companies and employees time and money.

What are my options?

Garden Office at Home

Convert the spare room

The most popular solution for many, putting a desk in a spare bedroom seems like the easiest way to create a workspace without spending too much money. However, often these spaces are full of clutter and the desk is unable to point toward a window limiting natural light, not ideal for long hours in front of a screen.

Garden home office

Another solution is to have a bespoke garden office designed – this can be quite pricy and you will need to make sure you are not compromising on garden space. Buying an off-the-shelf garden room or log cabin is not always a viable option. These offices need to have considerations for a permanent base, electric, insulation and security.

Convert your Conservatory

Why not convert your conservatory into a home office. We speak to many people who have their conservatory set up as their home office. They benefit from lots of natural light and conservatories are often easier to reconfigure to accommodate a new desk and chair. The downside to conservatory working is the varying temperatures and noise brought on by weather.
The answer to these issues can be found by installing a Green Space roofing system, custom-designed to fit your existing roof our panels help your conservatory become cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold as well providing acoustic protection from heavy rain. Install takes less than a day so your home office could be ready to use with minimal upheaval.

Why not get in touch with one of our experts who can talk you through the process and create you a bespoke quotation.

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