How can you save energy at home?

With an increasing focus on the environment, everyone is keen to do their bit to reduce our energy consumption. By making some small changes to your home it is also possible to make a cash saving.

At Greenspace, we are passionate about the environment and making our customer’s homes more energy-efficient. Our roof panels are made from lightweight aluminium and contain 75mm of high-density Thermotec foam insulation which provides eight times more insulation than traditional polycarbonate roof panels. Insulating your conservatory correctly not only will make it warmer on those colder nights but it could also save money off your heating bill.


How much can I save?

According to the energy saving trust there is money to be saved in nearly every area of the home. They have produced a handy graph which shows where you can save


Our top tips for saving energy

Block those draughts

      • Buying draught excluders for floors, skirting boards and chimneys will help keep your home warmer. As a result, you could save £43.00 per year

Stand By

      • By turning appliances off standby mode, you can save around £35 per year

Stop those drips

      • Dripping taps are not only annoying, but they are also wasting 5,300 litres of water a year! If you notice your taps are dripping change out the washers should solve the issue.

Do you own a conservatory?

      • Odds are if you do then it isn’t as well insulated as it could be, over time seals will deteriorate causing gaps allowing cold air and water to enter your conservatory. Your conservatory roof is likely made from polycarbonate roof panels. Polycarbonate is the cheapest material to use on conservatory roofs, meaning they have no insulation to retain heat over winter. Everyone wants their conservatory to be cosy, usable space during the winter months, but with poorly installed and sometimes damaged seals causing heat to escape, this is often not the case.

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