Easy Ways To Modernise A Conservatory

Easy Ways To Modernise A Conservatory

Do you have an old, dreary conservatory that needs some TLC?  There are several ways in which you can modernise your conservatory without having to replace your conservatory.

One of the easiest ways to create a fresh new feel to your old conservatory is to paint it in a fresh light colour (maybe even white). Light colours open up rooms and give the illusion of space making your conservatory feel larger.  Putting a laminate or natural wood floor into a conservatory will give it a fresh and natural look.  Accessories can make a huge difference and is an easy way to add a natural element.

Rearrange the furniture

We find that many Conservatories end up filled with furniture or being used as storage. The best way to modernise a conservatory is to take stock of the space, we recommend removing all furniture and assessing what works in the space and what you can live without. Marie Kondo has taken home organisation by storm in 2020 with a philosophy of discarding items that do not “spark joy”. This could be a way to decide on what items to remove.

Modernise Your Conservatory Roof

Last but by no means least, transforming your conservatory roof by replacing old polycarbonate or glass panels with our lightweight and insulated Thermotec panels couldn’t be easier. Our panels are made to measure and manufactured off-site. They can also be colour matched to any colour you wish, allowing you to modernise the look of your conservatory without lifting a paintbrush.

Installation for the panels is fast and uncomplicated and, in most cases, they can be installed in a morning or an afternoon.  Our panels offer insulation, noise reduction and keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature all year round.

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