What type of Conservatory is right for me?

What type of Conservatory is right for me?

Purchasing a conservatory is a big decision to make, especially when the cost of construction has the potential to be high. At Greenspace, we believe that adding a conservatory to a house can transform it into a home.

Even though we don’t provide a conservatory construction option, our experts like to think they know a thing or two about what to consider when choosing a conservatory and have put together these handy points:

How Much Does a Conservatory Cost?

The number one question asked when choosing a conservatory is how much does it cost?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer, as not all conservatories are created equal. We would suggest getting multiple quotes from different installers, check their work and reliability on a site such as Trustpilot.

What will my Conservatory be used for?

In a survey carried out by Which? 11% of conservatory owners ended up with a different conservatory to what they had in mind. It’s a good idea to plan what you will use the space for, that way you are limiting the chances of ending up with a conservatory you do not want.
Many workers in the UK can now work from home, making a home office an appealing option. It has become increasingly commonplace for the conservatory to become a home office or set up offices in their dining rooms and move the family meal to the conservatory.

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Ask yourself:

• Do I need extra dining space?
• Will my conservatory be useful for family gatherings or special occasions?
• Do I need somewhere to escape from it all, a space for relaxing?
• Should my conservatory be used for children or family pets?
• Could a conservatory extend my kitchen?
• Would my conservatory make a useful utility room?
• Do I see myself having breakfast, tea, catching up with friends in my new conservatory?

Choosing Your Design

There are Six conservatory types to choose from.

Types of Conservatories

Although these are the most common designs, some people have the luxury to choose the 6th option and have a bespoke design. These tend to be pricier conservatories than traditional designs.

When deciding your conservatory style, you must consider what will complement the style of your property as this could determine first, if you need planning permission or not, and secondly if it will add value to your property.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Planning permission is confirmation from local authorities to build on your land. However, not all work or extensions need planning permission. To read more on this topic check out our dedicated blog post on planning permission

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