Blue Glass

Here at Green Space UK, We Offer an Alternative to Blue Glass on your Conservatory Roof

Blue glass conservatory roofing is often seen as a viable upgrade to glazed conservatory roofs.
Over the years we have replaced multiple blue glass roofs. Our customers often tell us the roofs don’t solve many of the problems they encounter.

Many people see it as an upgrade to ordinary glazing. It is however a much more expensive option that uses your current conservatory roof structure.

From the exterior blue glass appears similar to ordinary glazing. The difference occurs when light radiates through the roof. A subtle blue hue is emitted through the roof, which is only noticeable when light is present.
This can make a difference in the summer; however it isn’t as effective at night or in winter. The conservatory will remain colder, as it doesn’t have strong heat retention.

In the direct sunlight the conservatory is often still extremely warm. Although blue glass can help reduce harmful UV rays, doesn’t stop the warm sunlight radiating through.

Though thermal insulation is slightly improved, the difference is often not hugely noticeable.
In comparison to our solid conservatory roof, the improvements from a blue glass roof are minimal.