Can I Turn My Conservatory into a Room?

Can I Convert My Conservatory into a Room?

You will be pleased to hear that, YES; you can turn your conservatory into a room!

Although it is known that your conservatory is the most unused room within a house, it doesn’t mean it should stay this way. Whether you have a small conservatory or larger conservatory, owners all over the UK are adapting the way they use the room and creating a more modern conservatory. They’re fighting the cold in the winter, heat in the summer and breaking away from the unbearable noise when it rains. There are just a few things to consider such as: what room shall I turn your conservatory into, the benefits of changing into a room and how to turn your conservatory into a room.

What Room Shall I Turn My Conservatory into?

The after-care team at Greenspace UK, spoke with our customers to find out what they use their conservatories for after having our insulated roofing panels installed. They were a variety of answers, have a look to see what they said and get some conservatory room inspiration!

  • “I turned my conservatory into a bedroom”
  • “My conservatory room is now a lounge for us to relax in the evenings”
  • “I had a conservatory extension as before I only had a small conservatory, and now it’s part of our kitchen”
  • “Our small conservatory is now used as a utility room”
  • “We use our conservatory as an extra dining room for special occasions
  • Now our conservatory is usable, we have created a more modern conservatory for our kids to use as a playroom”

There are so many ways you can transform your conservatory. Especially since the building regulations changed, enabling conservatory owners to install a toilet and bathroom into the room. Whereas before, there had to be a lobby between a bathroom and any other room within the house. This is extremely helpful for anyone wanting to turn their conservatory into a bedroom.

Benefits of Changing a Conservatory into a Room

Besides the benefits that Greenspace mention on their website, the other benefits of turning your conservatory into a room include:

  • Earning extra money by renting the conservatory room as a bedroom
  • A conservatory can add value to your property
  • You don’t necessarily need conservatory planning permission
  • It can save you money on heating your conservatory
  • You can have a more modern conservatory

How to Turn My Conservatory into a Room?

To turn your conservatory into a room, there is just one thing you need to do… the roof!

By removing your current conservatory panels and changing them to insulated conservatory panels, you rid of any issues your current room is giving you. To discover more on problems conservatories can come with, read our article on 10 Problems only Conservatory owners will understand.

Where Can I Get Insulated Conservatory Panels?

Greenspace understands the struggles which conservatory owners have, so they have provided a solution to conservatory issues without hassle. By installing their conservatory insulated panels, you’re creating a more modern conservatory so the heat which would usually build up during the summer is reduced and the heat is retained during winter.

Greenspace measure your current conservatory panels and work with you to choose your colour and design fitting to your current framework and style. Whether you have a small conservatory or a large conservatory, they will work with you. Once made, the installation team will fit your new panels within one day, to ensure your life can continue with minimal disruption.

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