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Year Round Conservatory Roof Solutions

Mr and Mrs Adkins, had a beautiful property in Cornwall, but were unable to enjoy their conservatory all year round. They wanted their lean-to conservatory to be used as an additional living space. Unfortunately, they could never spend enjoy their conservatory as it was never a comfortable temperature.

It was always far too hot or far too cold to spend any length of time in”, said a frustrated Mr Adkins.

As soon as their polycarbonate roof, started leaking around the skylight, Mr Adkins started looking at their conservatory roof options. He gathered quotes for replacement polycarbonate panels, insulation strips and “Guardian roof”, before making an enquiry to Thermotec, via their website. Thermotec passed on their details to Greenspace UK – who are the sole approved installer in their region.

They received a quotation for five solid conservatory roof panels, to replace their existing polycarbonate roof. Mr & Mrs Adkins, decided a solid conservatory roof was their preferred choice, and proceeded with their order.

Once they had placed their order, Greenspace UK carried out a technical survey. As one of their existing panels had a soil stack pipe situated through the middle, this was a very important job. There was no margin for error, and each panel was measured down to the exact millimetre.

The installation on the day went very smoothly, leaving the Adkins happy with their new conservatory roof. They were finally able to enjoy their new living space, without the temperature being too hot or cold.

The increased insulation, coupled with the appearance of the panels and most importantly, the insurance backed 10 year warranty made it an easy decision compared to the other choices available to us”, said Nevil.

COVID-19 UPDATE – updated 12/05/2020: We are still taking enquiries with a view to quoting imminently. Existing customers can find out more information about their orders here – Existing Customers.