Solving Issues With Condensation

Gareth And Karolyn’s Conservatory Roof Installation

Year Round Conservatory Insulation

Gareth and Karolyn, along with their sons Brody and Roman had constant problems with damp, due to the build up of condensation. Instead of being able to enjoy the comfort of a nice family room, they were frustrated that their conservatory was mainly left unusable.

Their north east facing Edwardian conservatory had a polycarbonate roof. Their conservatory was left exposed to the elements and prone to damp. In the winter months, it was far too cold and damp to enjoy. In the summer, it was too hot to sit down for family meals.

As Green Space UK’s New Area Sales Marketing Manager, Gareth had extensive knowledge of our conservatory roofs. He has seen first hand the difference our conservatory roofing can make to a range of conservatories. He was confident that our insulated conservatory roof panels, could help transform the conservatory into an enjoyable family space.

“Before we had terrible trouble. This is a north east facing conservatory, so the problems traditionally were with condensation“.

Gareth and Karolyn placed an order for thirteen new conservatory roof panels. They chose them in a white exterior and interior to match the look of the rest of the conservatory.

In under a day, their old polycarbonate panels were removed and replaced by the best conservatory roof option to help combat problems with condensation.

As a result, they are now able to unwind and enjoy a spot of family time in their conservatory, without having to worry about the build up of condensation.

The installers also went to the trouble of removing their now defect blinds, which were previously in their conservatory. Karolyn was more than pleased with the end result.

“They took away all the dusty blinds that were on the ceiling. The roof’s clean and I love it“, said a happy Karolyn.