Solid Conservatory Roofing In Any Colour

Customise your Conservatory Roof Replacement

As part of our replacement process, we offer complete customisation of our insulated roofing panels.

The exterior of the panels can be finished in any colour that you like. Most people choose white or brown to match with the existing frame.

However – we have also done a range of other various colours amongst the 2500+ installations we have carried out. Oak is a popular colour for people with an oak framework.

Some people choose to go for a dark grey or even a black finish to add a modern look to their conservatory.

A light grey in contrast with a white framework also adds a bit of character to the room and is a popular choice.

It doesn’t stop there though – we’ve even done some green and red roofs. The green one looks perfect with the unique green framework it has been installed on, and the red one was installed at a school in Cornwall.

Internal Finish

Finally, we give you the option of internal finishes.

  • Matte
  • Gloss

The gloss finish is the most popular. The high-gloss on the underside of the panel reflects all of the natural daylight that comes into your conservatory. This keeps it the brightest room in the house and minimises light loss whilst still allowing you to have a temperature-controlled room all year round.

The matte finish is suggested for those who wish to turn their conservatory into more of an extension. The matte means that your internal conservatory roof will look very similar to that of the other rooms in your house. This is perfect for conservatories that are used as bedrooms or dining rooms, giving you a much more subtle finish.

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