Solid Conservatory Roof in Any Colour

Customise your Conservatory Roof Colour

As part of our replacement conservatory roofing panel process, we offer complete customisation of our insulated panels.

The exterior of the panels can be finished in any colour that you like. Most people choose white or brown to match with the existing framework, but we’ve also installed green, blue, grey and red panels! We also offer a gloss or matte finish, depending on how you want the light to reflect in your transformed conservatory. With a gloss finish, the light will reflect and the internal roof will be quite shiny. With a matte finish, the light is absorbed in the matte and the internal roof looks more like any other room in the house.

See below for a selection of our favourite colours, or check out our gallery or Checkatrade page for hundreds more photos. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to get a free quote for your own conservatory roof replacement – what colour will you choose?

Conservatory roof panel example

Most people match their white framework and go for a traditional white finish.

conservatory roof colour

A grey and white combination adds an understated flair to the conservatory roof.

conservatory roof colour

If you have a mahogany framework, the mahogany finish is obviously the perfect choice.

An oak finish makes for a very traditional aesthetic

conservatory roof colour

A green roof looks perfect with a green framework – not so common, but very nice to look at!

conservatory roof colour

A dark grey, or even black, roof adds a dramatic contrast to the look of the conservatory.

The 6 colours above are our most common, but we have also installed roofs in a range of other colours that are a little bit more bespoke… some would say daring!

Conservatory Roof Colour
conservatory roof colour
conservatory roof colour
conservatory roof colour

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