Turning Your Conservatory into a Dining Room

A Guide to Decorating Your Conservatory Dining Room: Valentines Inspired

The big date night is approaching! Yes, valentine’s day is nearly here.

Whether you are spending it with a loved one, with friends or just having some much needed ‘you time’ – you want to be able to sit comfortably in your conservatory.

This guide delves into the furnishings of your conservatory, lighting and flooring, as well as, exploring how to utilise the room by changing the roofing panels to your current structure.

1. Dining Room Furniture
2. Valentines Day Decor

1. Flowers
2. Confetti
3. Balloons
4. Lighting
5. Napkins

3. Solid Roof

Dining Room Furniture

If you’re considering making your conservatory into a dining room, don’t just style it for special occasions, you want a room you can eat in every morning, lunch and dinner!

The table and chairs themselves should be the main focal point as that is the room’s purpose. You may have learned from experience to be wise when choosing furniture for a conservatory due to the sun’s exposure, changing the colour of the material over time. But, with a Greenspace roof, the furniture is not be targeted by direct sunlight, therefore you are no longer limited to the type and style of furniture you buy. The Range conservatory furniture offers a variety of materials and styles to fit your newly modern conservatory. Some conservatory chairs The Range sell can be used both inside your conservatory and outside.

Secondary to this are all of the smaller details such as lighting, flowers and other special touches to make it your own. As it’s close nearing to valentine’s day, we have tailored the smaller details to a romantic theme.


Valentines Decor and Lighting

If you are wanting to make the space more intimate and special for Valentine’s day, there are a few things you can do without spending too much and taking too much of your time.

1. Flowers

As we said before, your conservatory historically was for growing plants and foliage. Flowers make such a difference to a room, whether they are real or fake, they create levels, colour and fulfilment to the table. Studies by Erin Largo-Wight (PhD Associate of Professor of University of North Florida’s Department of Public Health) have even shown that they improve health, by reducing stress, boosting your mood, boost personal and specific memories, and some can help you sleep better.

If you’re lucky enough, you might receive some on the night!

2. Confetti

Sprinkling confetti on the table is another element that adds colour to the table. Although placing confetti everywhere can become messy, if used correctly it will complement and enhance the rest of your décor for the evening.

See the images below for confetti ideas!

3. Balloons

Just because you are dining at the table, doesn’t mean it is the only thing you decorate. Decorating around the room correctly and will help guide the attention toward the dining table.

Being valentine’s day soon, the classic colours are pink and red but by using a mixture of shades it will add a different dimension to your conservatory, as you can see below.

4. Lighting


Some people have adjustable lights, therefore, can create ‘mood lighting’ but if you don’t, you can stick to classic methods of mood lighting and use candles.

Not only do candles create a nice mood by sight but they also trigger your smelling senses. Depending on what candles you use you could be smelling fresh cotton, midnight breeze, or black cherry.

So, if you’re more than likely to burn the valentine’s meal, at least you can cover up the smell!

Fairy Lights 

As well as candles, you can light up your conservatory by investing and hanging fairy lights. Either battery powered or plug operated, fairy lights will help brighten up your space. They also look inviting when looking in from the outside.

When purchasing fairy lights, just be mindful of the colour. Bright white may make the room too light, and the cheapest ones may not be bright enough. We advise purchasing a warm light colour to create the perfect ambience in the room.

5. Napkins

Our final tip for the perfect valentine’s day table is simple but effective is folding a napkin nice and neatly and placing it on top of the place settings.

The video demonstrates 10 simple ways to fold napkins for a valentine’s meal.

Solid Roof

In today’s society, things are a little different. Conservatories aren’t designed well enough for our modern lifestyles. With outdated materials they are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, produce condensation, along with many more issues. Due to this, the conservatory becomes out of use.

52% of our existing customers did not use their conservatory at all, and if you’re reading this, you probably don’t either.

What did they do?

The key to transforming your unused space into a conservatory, living space and dining room is changing the roof.

With a bit of help from Greenspace UK, you will be able to fall in love with your conservatory again by installing insulated roofing panels and enjoying a space to dine in.

By implementing an insulated solid roof, you are regulating the inside temperature keeping the unpredictable weather outside. Greenspace UK install insulated roofing panels into your current existing framework, allowing your new roof to be installed within a day, and cutting the cost of an entire roof replacement.

Call 08006525157 or click this text to find out more about Greenspace UK

Once your roof has been changed, you can now rid clutter taking up your conservatory and enjoy the extra room in your house. In our survey, 98% of our customers said they now use their conservatory as a dining room or a space to relax in.

Now you have your conservatory back, you too can make it the hub of your home! The main element involved in making the ‘perfect’ dining room is the furniture.

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