Conservatory Roof Conversion

Are You Looking For A Way To Use Your Conservatory More?

Convert Your Conservatory Roof With Our High Quality Roofing Solutions

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  • Replace Your Old Roof In Under A Day

Our innovative conservatory roof panels have been designed to help you use your conservatory throughout the year.  We are experts in helping to convert conservatories into beautiful all year round living spaces. The conservatory has the potential to be one of the nicest rooms in the home.

Up until 2010, building regulations limited you to a few options when looking for conservatory roof options. The regulations meant that the roofing had to be 75% see-through. This left only two options, glazed or polycarbonate roofing. Unfortunately, whilst you may be able to see the sky, both roofs lack proper thermal insulation.

This often leaves conservatories freezing cold, and in need of constantly heating in the winter. It can become very costly, and it is also not very eco friendly. Alternatively conservatories can become too hot to use in the warmer weather. These are common problems we often hear from customers with these types of roofs.

We can help you convert your conservatory roof in under a day. Since we were founded back in 2013, we have helped to convert over 1,100 conservatory roofs!

Solid Insulated Roofing Panels

Our conservatory roofs are made up of solid insulated roofing panels. Each panel is made from aluminium and has 75mm of packed insulation. This will help you use the conservatory whatever the weather. No more expensive heating bills, or conservatories being used for a few months of the year.

We offer the best conservatory roof to ensure your room has consistent temperatures all year round. Each roof is tailor made to fit your existing conservatory roof framework. They are strong, yet lightweight. This ensures that they don’t add unnecessary weight to your conservatory (a major problem when converting to a tiled roof).

The underside of each panel is finished in with a semi-gloss / satin finish. This helps to keep the conservatory light and bright.

Each conservatory roof conversion is completed in under a day. We try to keep the disruption to your home to a minimum. By the end of the day, you too could be relaxing in a beautiful transformed conservatory,

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COVID-19 UPDATE: All installations have been postponed until WC: 13th April. Existing customers can find out more information about their orders and our contact-free installation process here – Existing Customers.