Conservatory Roof Options

The most popular conservatory roofing options are tiled conservatory roofs, glass conservatory roofs, and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. Until recently, you would have been limited in the choice of replacement conservatory roof. Planning regulations stated that your conservatory roof had to be 75% translucent. Fortunately, in 2010 the regulations were relaxed.

There are now a much wider range of conservatory roofing options available.

We believe our insulated conservatory roofs will help you transform your conservatory. They will also help resolve any issues you have with your current roof. We have compiled some information on the other conservatory roofing options below. This will allow you to see why GreenSpace offer the best conservatory roof solution available.


“Our conservatory is 16 years old and the polycarbonate roof was deteriorating. Roof blinds had been installed shortly after its completion but in certain conditions temperature, even with the door opens, could be excessive“.

A. J. Fisher, East Grinstead

Planning regulations required a conservatory roof to be 75% translucent. In 2010, the building regulations changed. Blinds have been a popular alternative, when looking to improve a conservatory.

During the warmer months, they can be a useful option. The blinds will help to protect the conservatory against the strong sun and glare. They don’t however stop the warm from heating up your conservatory.

In the colder months, blinds often prove to be ineffective. They offer minimal heat retention and insulation, meaning conservatories are often left freezing cold.

One of the most common issues during the winter months is condensation. Though blinds don’t directly cause condensation, they often become dirty and can develop mould. The solution to this is to improve the ventilation in the conservatory. This however usually requires improved heating, an extra source and added cost to your energy bills.

Blinds can often get dirty and with added mould, eventually will require replacement.
Our insulated conservatory roofs can help you use your conservatory year round. Each conservatory roof also comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Green Space Conservatory Roof Conservatory Blinds
Comfortable Year Round Temperatures
10 Year Guarantee
Year Round Use
Well Insulated
Only Helps Reduce Temperature In Warmer Months
Poor Heat Retention
Colder In Winter Months
Doesn’t Stop Condensation
Not As Effective In Winter Months

Blue Glass

Blue glass conservatory roofing is often seen as a viable upgrade to glazed conservatory roofs.
Over the years we have replaced multiple blue glass roofs. Our customers often tell us the roofs don’t solve many of the problems they encounter.

Many people see it as an upgrade to ordinary glazing. It is however a much more expensive option that uses your current conservatory roof structure.

From the exterior blue glass appears similar to ordinary glazing. The difference occurs when light radiates through the roof. A subtle blue hue is emitted through the roof, which is only noticeable when light is present.
This can make a difference in the summer; however it isn’t as effective at night or in winter. The conservatory will remain colder, as it doesn’t have strong heat retention.

In the direct sunlight the conservatory is often still extremely warm. Although blue glass can help reduce harmful UV rays, doesn’t stop the warm sunlight radiating through.

Though thermal insulation is slightly improved, the difference is often not hugely noticeable.
In comparison to our solid conservatory roof, the improvements from a blue glass roof are minimal.

Green Space Conservatory Roof Blue Glass
Fits to existing structure
Fitted in 1 day
No need to replace frame
Increased insulation
Much cooler in the summer
Reduces noise
Eliminates glare
A bit cooler in the summer
Can reduce glare

Tiled Roof

A proper tiled roof construction effectively requires you to replace your entire conservatory roof. Rafters and batons are fitted in place of your existing framework. This enables a new false ceiling to be fitted. These are then plastered and decorated. Installations can take around 3 days.

This type of roof adds extra weight, making it unsuitable for many conservatories. Conservatories were not designed to withstand the extra impact from a heavy roof. Ultimately the structure of the conservatory could be compromised, and potentially collapse without extra support.

As a tiled conservatory roof requires an entirely new roof, they require planning permission. They must also be compliant with building regulations.

In contrast, our conservatory roofs use your existing framework. The panels are lightweight; making it much easier to convert your conservatory roof. In less than one day you could be enjoying your new, improved conservatory.

Green Space Conservatory Roof Tiled Roof
Easier To Transform
No building regs required
No planning permission required
Weather resistant
Require redecoration
Require planning permission
Not always compatible with building regs
Can crack


“My conservatory was built to serve as a home office but with its original polycarbonate roofing was often either too hot or too cold to work in“.

John Shaw, Glastonbury 
Polycarbonate roofs are often the cheapest option when looking to replace your conservatory roof. In traditional polycarbonate roofs, the most common thickness used are 16mm, 25mm and 35mm. There are however, many drawbacks that come with a polycarbonate roof. The average lifespan is between 10 to 15 years.

One of the major issues with a polycarbonate roof is the lack of proper thermal insulation. Conservatories with this type of roof often get far too cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer. During bad weather conservatories also tend to get very noisy.

Although they can withstand heavy rainfall, they are often very difficult to maintain. The material scratches easily, can often suffer from discolouration and algae often grow within the roofing.

Polycarbonate sheets are also prone to suffering from leaks. Not only is this potentially damaging to your property, it can be difficult to fix.

Green Space Roof Panels Polycarbonate Roof
Year Round Use
No irritating noise in bad weather
10 Year Guarantee
8 x better Insulation
Noisy In Bad Weather
Large Heating Bills
Little to No Insulation


One alternative to a new conservatory roof is to add extra insulation to your existing roof. Although in practice this makes the room more usable, many problems that can occur.

Condensation is often a major issue in the winter months. In colder temperatures, damp and water can build up on the original roof. This in turn can leak onto the insulation, and ultimately the plasterboard ceiling. You may not be aware of the damage, until it is too late.

Thermal expansion and contraction will cause the framework to move. Though it only moves a small amount, it is still enough to crack the plaster. Not only is this frustrating, it is costly as it requires frequent repairs. The interior of the conservatory also will require constant redecoration, adding to the cost.
As the insulation is added to the existing roof, many original problems still remain. During bad weather, your conservatory is still very noisy and extremely annoying.

The added weight to the existing roof adds extra pressure to the roof. This can cause further damage, as conservatories aren’t designed to take extra weight.

As they use different materials, plasterboard doesn’t always fit aesthetically with the rest of the house.
Our solid conservatory roofs can help you transform your room, without the added risks.

Green Space Conservatory Roof Plasterboard / Fibreglass Roof
No additional risk
Quieter During Bad Weather
Well Insulated
No Condensation
Hidden Issues That You Can’t See Until It’s Too Late
Issues With Condensation

GreenSpace Conservatory Roof

Green Space conservatory roofing offers a simple solution to help transform your conservatory, into a room you can enjoy all year round.

As each panel is fitted with thick layers of insulation, conservatories stay at the desired temperatures. Your conservatory will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

Every roof is made with solid panels, which helps stop irritating glare from the sun coming into your conservatory.

Each conservatory roof is installed in under a day, and uses your existing framework. We like to ensure minimal disruption to your home.

During bad weather, rain can become very noisy in many conservatories. Our insulated conservatory roofing panels help to limit that noise.

Each of conservatory roofs is designed to be long lasting, ensuring you can relax in your new improved conservatory.

Green Space Conservatory Roof

 Year Round Use                          Keeps Your Existing Framework
Installed In Less Than A Day 
 10 Year Warranty                    No Unwanted Glare               Less Noise In Bad Weather  10 Year Guarantee