Conservatory Roofing FAQs

Do you have questions about GreenSpace Conservatory Roofing?

Our FAQ’s have been put together to answer the most common conservatory roofing questions. If you cannot find the answer below, then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0800 65 25 157 – It’s free to call! 

How long will installation take?

Most conservatories are transformed in less than a day. All of the hard work goes on off-site in the design and manufacture, ensuring minimal disruption during installation.

Is my conservatory suitable?

Yes. Each of our roofs has been designed to fit all types of conservatory. Our conservatory roofs are designed as a like for like replacement for your existing panels and every installation is different. If you’d like us to take a look and give you a quote, you can contact us by clicking here.

Will the roof reduce the noise from the bad weather?

Each roof is packed with high-density insulation. This helps keep the conservatory warm and reduce the annoying noise during the bad weather.

Can I get my roof in any colour to match my conservatory?

Yes. We offer a range of colours, which ensure we can match your existing conservatory.

What is the conservatory roof made of?

Our conservatory roof panels are made from lightweight aluminium and contain 75mm of high-density foam insulation. Each one is tailor-made to fit your existing frame. You can see how they are made in our video here.

Will the solid conservatory roof panels make my conservatory too dark?

No. Our panels come with a semi-gloss finish, and you will only lose excessive light. Your conservatory will remain light and airy, with reduced glare.

How long does it take from order to installation?

Installation takes less than a day on-site, meaning you suffer minimal hassle and disruption. A lot of work goes into the precise design and manufacture of the panels, so each new conservatory roof is usually installed in between 4 and 8 weeks from date of order.

Do I need planning permission?

For the majority of properties, the simple answer is no. If you have a listed building or live in a conservation area you may require planning permission. You can read about planning permission by clicking on our blog post here.

If you are unsure we can advise you, so don’t hesitate to call us on 01202 355 780.

Does the roof come with a guarantee?

Yes. Each roof that we install is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Will I need scaffolding for my conservatory?

No, scaffolding is not required. Work is carried out at ground level to ensure minimal disruption to your property.

How long does a survey take?

It normally takes around an hour and a half for each survey. This allows you to see a sample of the product, and ask any questions you may have. Our team will then measure your roof and leave you with a quote.

Why should I choose Green Space?

We offer a high-quality installation service that will help you transform your conservatory in less than a day. We have over 1000 reviews on with an average score of 9.88/10. All roofs come with a ten-year guarantee.

Do I need to clear my conservatory?

No, that isn’t necessary. We would advise you to remove fragile or special items to be on the safe side.

What about fire safety?

Thermotec Roofing Panels introduce NO FIRE RISK to your home.

A message directly from the manufacturers:

Thermotec Roofing panels are not, in any way, similar to the type of cladding that we’ve all heard about recently following the tragic fire in London. Our panels comprise of insulation sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium so the insulation material is not exposed.

This means that even if you had a fire in your home, the insulation material in your conservatory roof is not exposed to the fire.

The resin-based compound that is suspected to have been a contributing factor at the Grenfell Tower, was installed in such a way that provided air space behind it, which fuels the flames and aids the spread of fire.

You can rest assured that Thermotec Roofing panels introduce no fire risk whatsoever.

What if I have air-vent or roof hatch?

The majority of the time they become redundant and can be removed. If you wish to keep it, we can retain them in your property. We will simply build it into your new insulated conservatory roof panels.

Won’t my conservatory still be too hot in the summer and too cold in winter?

No. The insulation in each roof ensures you will be able to enjoy your conservatory all year round. During the summer, you will no longer be distracted by the sunlight and glare. In the winter months, the insulation will help keep your conservatory warm.

What is the U Value of each roof?

The U value is a measurement of heat loss. Our roofs have a U value of 0.29, which means they have excellent insulation properties. They are eight times more efficient than polycarbonate conservatory roofs.

Are you not required to have a polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof?

No. In 2010 building regulations were changed. Conservatory roofs were no longer required to be 75% translucent. This means that you are now able to get a solid insulated roof without planning permission.

How much does a conservatory roof cost?

Each new conservatory roof is designed to fit your property. Every roof is bespoke, and therefore there is no set price. We offer a free technical survey, which allows us to measure your current roof. We will also work out how many new conservatory roof panels you’ll need. This allows us to give you a non-obligation quote.

What do you do with my old conservatory roof?

Every time we replace a conservatory roof, our team will recycle your old conservatory roof.

What about the COVID-19 pandemic? Can you still install?

Green Space UK have set up a completely CONTACT-FREE procedure. We are able to quote, survey and install – all without having to come within 2m of yourselves. Our installations take less than a day – so we’re not in the house very long at all! All that is required is for you to shut us in the conservatory and we will complete the install in a matter of hours. Upon completion everything is cleaned down with antibacterial equipment and we will give you time to inspect. Our customer service team will give you a call to make sure you are fully satisfied. Our workmen will wait in the van until getting the nod from our office that you are satisfied – anything at all that you aren’t happy about we can then sort out straight away before they leave.

COVID-19 UPDATE – updated 12/05/2020: We are still taking enquiries with a view to quoting imminently. Existing customers can find out more information about their orders here – Existing Customers.