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Replacement Conservatory Roof Videos

Click on the videos below to find answers to questions like:

  • How are insulated conservatory roof panels made?
  • How to replace a conservatory roof?
  • What do customers say about an insulated roof?
  • Does a solid conservatory roof make a conservatory dark?
  • Can you walk on a conservatory roof?

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How our conservatory roof panels are made

This short video shows how our insulated conservatory roof panels are made. It gives an overview of the design, manufacture and installation process.

Solid Conservatory Roofs Installation

This video shows how our solid conservatory roofs are installed. Our panels are made-to-measure, so we can transform your conservatory in less than a day!

Green Space Conservatory Roof Review

See a customer review of one of our solid conservatory roofs in Ringwood, Hampshire. Mr and Mrs Newman tell you why they changed the roof on their old conservatory, and why it has made such a difference.

Will a solid conservatory roof make my conservatory quieter

The noise in a conservatory can be dreadful, especially with a polycarbonate roof. Mr and Mrs Booth couldn’t hear themselves speak when it rained on their old polycarbonate roof, but with our replacement conservatory roof panels, it is much quieter.

They have even moved their home around, and the conservatory is now their main living area.

Will a solid conservatory roof make my conservatory cooler?

Yes. See Mr and Mrs Upshall’s testimonial below to see how our solid conservatory roof has made their conservatory much cooler, and usable all year round.

We give every customer a free thermometer to measure the temperature in their conservatory before and after we install our insulated conservatory roof panels. See how much cooler a solid roof makes a conservatory.

Will a solid conservatory roof make my conservatory warmer?

How do I make my conservatory warmer in winter? The answer is pretty simple. Install an insulated roof to stop heat escaping through the roof.

How do I get a conservatory I can use all-year-round?

Mr and Mrs Retorick-Banks transformed their conservatory into a room they could use all-year-round with Green Space UK’s insulated roofing panels.

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