How Our Panels Are Made

High Insulation Conservatory Roof Panels


Designed & Manufactured in Great Britain

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Nicola Cunningham, Crawley

Our process has been designed to give you the best conservatory roof possible, with minimal disruption to your home. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, to ensure we can transform your conservatory. 

How Our Conservatory Roofs Are Designed

Our conservatory roof replacements are designed and manufactured in Great Britain. The initial design through to the manufacturing process is carried out right here in Great Britain. 

Every roof is made up from insulated conservatory roof panels.  These are made bespoke to fit your existing conservatory roofing framework. 

In order to assess your current framework, our team carry out a free survey. This allows you to learn more about the conservatory roof panels, and ask any questions. Our guys will assess your existing conservatory roofing, and take measurements and angles of your current roof. They will leave you with a no obligation quote. If you decide to proceed, the measurements are then put into a computer design system. Every new conservatory roof panel, is made from aluminium sheets. The system cuts the grooves and shapes into each sheet. 


You can see the whole process in the video below:

How We Manufacture Our Conservatory Roof Panels

Each aluminium sheet is cut into the measurements for your conservatory. As no two conservatory roofs are the same, your roof truly is unique to your home. All our panels are fitted with high-density foam insulation. This ensures your conservatory is never too cold or too hot. Each panel is folded into shape, before each of the corners are welded. They are smoothed by a grinder, to ensure a nice finish. 

Both sides of each panel are dipped into a cleaning solution. They are then given a final clean by hand, to ensure they are of the highest quality. The next step involves making your conservatory roof in the colour you chose. Each panel is baked in a special oven, before being shrink-wrapped to protect them whilst in transportation.

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