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Insulated Conservatory Roofing Panels

Let’s face facts. There is no ‘magical solution’ to the temperature extremes in your conservatory. A conservatory is a glass box on the back of your house and, whilst most of the time it is a beautiful room full of light and air, the materials used to construct your conservatory mean it is often too hot or too cold to be used comfortably throughout the year.

Whilst we cannot offer a ‘magical solution’, at Green Space UK we offer an exclusive, patented solution that can go some way to helping to moderate the temperature in your conservatory better than the traditional polycarbonate or glass panels can.

The Facts

So, what exactly are the facts?

Approximately 95% of each panel is made up of high efficiency condensed insulation. The insulation is encased between two layers of powder-coated and baked aluminium. The concept is beautifully simple.

The transparent quality of glass and polycarbonate panels intensify the flow of heat in and out of your conservatory roof. With our panels, the insulation is intended to do the opposite – it helps to RESTRICT the flow of heat in and out of your conservatory roof.

Let’s simplify it further:

On a hot day the panels will restrict the flow of heat into your conservatory through the roof, and the room should therefore be cooler than it would with polycarbonate or glass panels.

On a cold day the panels will restrict the flow of heat out of your conservatory through the roof, and the room should therefore be warmer than it would with polycarbonate or glass panels.

Again, it is important to note that, whilst the panels are highly efficient at doing what they are designed to do (restrict heat flow through the roof), they are not magical and will not instantly make your conservatory COLD on a hot day or HOT on a cold day – at least not by themselves.

To allow the panels to work efficiently, they need a little help and you should be treating the room like any other room in the house. This means that you should still be opening windows and allowing air flow through the room in the summer, and you should still be heating the room in the winter. The panels will allow these common methods of temperature control to be much more effective in comparison to polycarbonate or glass.

Where is the proof?

We ask each and every one of our customers to complete temperature monitoring sheets before and after the installation of their panels, so they can see the difference for themselves. However, we also have scientific proof that demonstrates how the panels work – and this is all related to the U-VALUE of the panels, which sits at 0.29.

What is a U-Value?

The U-Value of something refers to the rate of heat transfer through its structure. The better insulated a product is, and therefore the less heat that is transferred through it, the LOWER the U-Value will be.

Here’s how we compare to some common glazing materials:

Polycarbonate (4mm) = 3.8

Polycarbonate (16mm) = 2.3

Polycarbonate (25mm) = 1.4

Triple Glazing = 1.2

Solar Glazing = 1.0

Green Space UK = 0.29

Source: Trade Conservatories to You

As you can see, the Green Space UK panels have a U-Value that is 3 times lower than solar glazing, and 7 times lower than standard 16mm polycarbonate. In this respect, scientifically our panels will be better at restricting the flow of heat in and out of the conservatory through the roof than most other comparable products, which is exactly why people choose us to replace their panels when they are looking at improving the temperature of their conservatory all-year-round.

Technical Specifications

The panels are fully patented and Green Space UK have the exclusive supply and installation rights for the panels across the South and Midlands. Our full product specification brochure can be downloaded by opening the images below.

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