How strong is a conservatory roof?

How Strong Is A Conservatory Roof?

Our conservatory roof panels are very strong

A question we are often asked here at Green Space is ‘How strong are your conservatory roof panels?’

So, we thought we’d put one of them to the test and pile as many of the team onto it as possible. Take a look at the video below to see how it held up.

To be fair, they are made from lightweight aluminium and lightweight foam insulation, so we can understand why people may be concerned about their strength.

We managed to stand 12 people on it and it barely moved. That’s about 840kg (or a whopping 1852 lbs in old money).

That’s the same as 3 Giant Haystacks…

…or 2 1981 Reliant Robins

…or 1.3 Mark 1 Min Coopers

So, the answer to the question “How strong?” is


We also get asked quite often if it’s OK to walk on our panels once they’ve been installed. You can see above that the panels will take comfortably take the weight (unless you weigh the same as 4 Giant Haystacks).

We fit the panels to your existing roof frame, so you need to take that into account (as well as several other health and safety checks) before venturing up onto your new roof to clean your upstairs windows etc. Several of our customers tell us they do so regularly, such as John Steege in the video below (near the end).

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