How to Clean Conservatory Guttering

It’s the start of spring, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your conservatory gutter is overflowing! But there is no need to panic, just follow our guide and keep on top of the maintenance for your conservatory guttering.

As it is the best time of the year to be cleaning your conservatory guttering, we have looked into why you get a blocked gutter, how you can clean conservatory guttering, how to stop leaves blocking your gutter in the future. If you have neglected your conservatory guttering for too long, we have also looked into replacement guttering and downpipe drainage options.

Why You Get a Blocked Gutter

You tend to experience a blocked gutter after the weathered winter months when the leaves from autumn have been blown around and settled nicely within your conservatory gutter.

This blockage limits the amount of water channelling through causing overflowing and potentially, long term damage to your conservatory. The gutters hold the weight of rainwater and debris, resulting in a bend in the material and causing sag.

The longer you leave your blocked gutter, there is more potential to ruin the structure and cause yourself more issues than it’s worth. Therefore, you need to know everything about how to clean your gutters.

How to Clean Conservatory Guttering

The first thing about cleaning your conservatory guttering is knowing how often you should do it. In order to reduce the amount of leaves blocking your gutter, it is recommended that you clean them twice a year. Once a year minimum!

There are two options when it comes to cleaning your conservatory guttering. You can either hire a local conservatory gutter cleaning service or you can tackle the cleaning yourself.

Hire a Local Conservatory Gutter Cleaning Service

There are plenty of gutter cleaning companies out there who would be grateful for your custom. Just search on Google for “gutter cleaning near me” and a list of local businesses will appear online. Another way to find cleaners would be searching in a local magazine or newspaper for a gutter cleaning advert.

The only issue with hiring someone to do the work for you is that you can’t always trust they are offering a reasonable price and by requesting their business twice a year you can find yourself spending more than you need.

Clean Your Conservatory Guttering Yourself

The other option is to do a bit of DIY and clean your conservatory guttering yourself. If this option is more affordable for you, you will need to purchase the gutter cleaning equipment but there on after, your costs will be near to nothing.

You will need to purchase:

  • A Ladder (to reach your conservatory guttering)
  • Bucket (to collect the debris)
  • Trowel or scoop (to help part twigs and leaves)
  • Gloves (to protect your hands)

With all the right equipment, you will be set for cleaning your gutters.

Please note: Working on ladders can be dangerous therefore, it is always advised to have someone at with you when cleaning your guttering.

How to Stop Leaves Blocking Gutters

Gutter Hedgehog


One option would be purchasing a gutter hedgehog, also known as a gutter brush. The brush has large bristles to catch any fallen leaves on the top to prevent them from falling into the conservatory gutter.

The gutter hedgehog (gutter brush) is the easiest tool to install as it placed into the running tube. The issue is that it cannot stop everything from blocking the gutter. Therefore, you may still experience blockages and an overflowing gutter.

Gutter Guards


The other option is to invest in gutter guards. Gutter guards are essentially a piece of plastic that fits into your current guttering. It has squared holes which catch the majority of debris but still allowing water to pass through. These are slightly harder to install compared with the gutter hedgehog. The gutter guards and the gutter hedgehog perform similar roles but with the holes in the gutter guard, there is more space for smaller debris such as seeds to get through. These seeds are likely to settle and start growing plants within your gutters.

With that being said, whichever you choose will only help prevent your conservatory guttering from getting blocked not completely stop it. Therefore, you will still need to have it cleaned once a year.

Now you know how a blocked gutter is caused, how to clean your conservatory guttering and learnt what products you can use to prevent your gutters from blocking. All you need now is to plan which 2 days within the year are you going to clean your conservatory gutters.

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