How To Enjoy Your Conservatory All Year Round

The Short Term Solutions

We understand that conservatories come with their issues; if it’s not a leaking roof, it is too hot in the summer or too expensive to heat in the winter. You name it, we’ve heard it.

Let me guess, the first thing you did was fit top of the range blinds just to discover that it is not enough to keep the heat out in the summer. You have probably considered or installed underfloor heating, but realise it costs too much to keep pumping heat out through the roof all day. Perhaps you have done nothing at all, understanding that neither of these options are effective!

Believe it or not, our customers were once like you!

What We Found Out

We sent out a survey towards the end of 2019, asking our existing customers how often they used their conservatory before having our insulated roofing panels installed.

77% of our responses mentioned they sometimes, rarely or never used their conservatory. We weren’t surprised. If you wanted to find out more as to why so many people who own a conservatory don’t use it, read our blog on 10 problems only conservatory owners will understand. You’ll probably agree with most of them!

Stop wasting your money on short term solutions that don’t work. We have the answer to solving your conservatory issues, and we can even save you money!

GreenSpace UK provide conservatory owners with bespoke insulated roofing panels which give you a room that is usable 365 days of the year. We ensure your conservatory will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, quieter in bad weather, save you money on your heating bills and much more.

Our Customers

Since our customers had their conservatory roofing panels installed, we have seen a 68% increase in using their conservatory daily. We asked them what the main use for their conservatory is now, have a look at some of the responses we got.

What You Can Do

So, if you have been thinking about replacing your conservatory roof for a while. Give GreenSpace UK a call on 0800 6525157, our friendly customer service team will happily provide you with more information and guide you through our process. Alternatively, fill out your details in the form below and we will be in touch!

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