How to Fix a Leaking Conservatory

You’re sitting in your conservatory, winding down from the busy day you’ve had and enjoying some peace and quiet. When all of a sudden, you hear dripping from the corner of the room. The instant dread of what it might be, and realisation that it is what you thought… You have a leaking conservatory roof!

No one likes this feeling, and no one wants a leaking roof! So, what do you do?


Why is My Conservatory Leaking?

The usual cause for a leaking conservatory roof is outdated framework which has gradually deteriorated over time, creating holes. However, it could be an issue with the original installation. When slotting panels into frames, the installer may not have fitted it currently, or the company may have measured the pieces wrong.


How to Stop Your Conservatory from Leaking

If you have recently had your conservatory installed and discovered a leak. The first thing to do is call the company who you bought it from. They should offer advise and have one of their installers to revisit the roof and fix it.

In the meantime, you need to block the hole from allowing more water to get inside and spread to damaging your furniture.

Unfortunately, the majority of conservatory owners find their framework rotting away and needs sorting. Therefore, they have two solutions, a short term and a long term.

Short Term Fix to a Leaking Conservatory Roof

Short term solution is to wait until the weather is dryer and climb onto the roof to seal the hole using a sealant. But, do you really want to be climbing on the roof? This is a short-term solution for a reason, it might solve your problem for the time being but who’s to say that a leak won’t appear on another part of your conservatory roof.

Long Term Fix to a Leaking Conservatory Roof

The long-term solution is to change the roof. Thinking that it’ll take too much time and effort? What if I told you, it is easier than you think?

By getting in touch with Greenspace UK, the team will do everything for you, from booking an initial meeting most suited to your schedule, the sales team measuring up your panels and have them designed bespoke to your colour preference. To having your panels fitted by our delightful installation team, within just one day.

With our insulated roofing panels, you won’t have any gaps allowing condensation to occur, preventing mould and benefit your health long term. You won’t have to worry about climbing on the roof to fill in the holes. We will do everything for you!

The best things about having a Greenspace roof is that your conservatory will be;

We design your panels with you, and they come with a 10-year guarantee! So, stop wondering what to do if your conservatory is leaking and contact Greenspace UK to enquire about our insulated roofing panels by filling out the form, or calling us on 0800 65 25 157.


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