How to Tackle Conservatory Guttering Issues

There is a lot going on, it’s a new year and you want to get all your ducks in a row. I’m sure the last thing on your list is sorting out your guttering.

As it’s the best time of the year to deal with it, we (GreenSpace UK) have taken the time to note the issues, understand how these problems occur and provide solutions, just to make your life a bit easier.

What Does My Gutter Do?

Guttering is a drainage system protecting your conservatory from rain. The gutter itself is installed around the edge of your roof, collecting the water from it and channelling it to the downspouts, found running alongside your conservatory. By doing so, the water has no way to damage the foundation of the room.

That is, of course, if you are looking after it.

Issues Your Guttering Can Cause

If you haven’t looked after your guttering and neglected its needs, you have probably started to experience the main issues, which are:

1. Clogging

2. Sagging Gutters

3. Holes and Leaks

Why is my Guttering Causing Me Problems?

Clogged Gutters

Image Source: UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd

The worst cases of blocked guttering usually happen during the end of Autumn (Mid December within the UK), when all the leaves and twigs from the nearby trees and get blown onto your roof and guttering.

With a mixture of this debris and notorious British weather, the guttering gets blocked. It reduces the amount of water able to channel through and therefore cause potential overflowing and damage to your conservatory. It also can lead to…

Sagging Gutters

Image Source: Gutter Helmet

When neglecting the maintenance of your gutters and the clogging has begun. The gutters hold the weight of rainwater and debris. Resulting in a bend in the material and causing sag.

Holes and Leaks

Image Source: The Aluminium Guttering Company

You may have noticed leaks in your guttering from holes in the framework. Depending on the material of your guttering it may be exposed to rusting and creating these holes. You might have something repetitively knocking the framework during worse weather which, over time, is chipping the material away. Alternatively, it could be that your guttering wasn’t put together properly when was first installed.

If you are experiencing these holes and leaks, you need to attend to it as soon as possible, depending on how big the problem is you can use patching kits or seek professional help.

How to Solve Your Guttering Issues

It’s clear to say, these issues have occurred because of the lack of attention you have given your gutters. We understand that climbing up on a ladder and getting your hand dirty isn’t the most glamorous job. And hiring the professionals to come in can be pricey.

The ultimate way of reducing your problems is planning. Organising when the guttering needs to be sorted throughout the year will avoid all the issues and protect your conservatory from damage.

How Often Should I Clean the Gutters?

All the major guttering specialists advise at least cleaning them once a year. It is evident the main clogging derives from fallen leaves; therefore, Autumn is the time to consider the cleaning.

Affordable Guttering Option

  • The cheapest method is DIY (do it yourself). With just a few tools; ladder, bucket, gloves and a gardening trowel, you will be rid of the dirt in no time. The added benefit of doing it yourself is that you will remember when it was last done, how bad it was and how manageable it can be in the future, depending on the weather.

Other Guttering Options

  • Book a friendly local gutter cleaning service to visit on yearly or twice a year.
  • Gutter covers help keep the larger leaves and twigs out of the guttering, it can be expensive to install but the benefits mean doing the cleaning as often.

If you are looking to replace your guttering, GreenSpace UK can custom new guttering system for your conservatory whilst replacing the roof! To find more out regarding our service and panels please call 0800 6525157 or fill out our quotation form.

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