Measurably Cooler Conservatories

Proof! Our insulated roof panels will make your conservatory cooler in summer

We are so confident that our replacement conservatory roof panels will make your conservatory cooler, that we give every customer a thermometer.

The thermometer measures the temperature both inside and outside the conservatory. Our customers record the readings for a month before their installation and a month after, so:

  1. Make sure that our panels really do make your conservatory cooler in summer.
  2. Our customers can see as well as feel just how much cooler their conservatory is once our panels are fitted.
  3. Potential customers can have proof that our replacement conservatory roof panels really work

A month after their installation, our customers send their records in, and the results can be pretty staggering. We’ve highlighted our favourite recordings (in Green, of course!)

Measurably Cooler Conservatories

Mr and Mrs Bailey, from Wiltshire, noticed a “vast difference” after their installation. As seen, when the temperature outside was 25 degrees, the temperature inside their conservatory was cooler by 8 or 9 degrees. Readings taken before were much higher, even when they had 3 doors and all windows open. This wasn’t necessary once their new roof was fitted.

Making a Conservatory Cooler in Summer

Across the board, Mr and Mrs Andrews noticed a big change upon installation. The temperatures recorded show a much more consistent trend, and the highlighted dates clearly show the effect of the insulated panels on similar days. Their conservatory was almost 8 degrees cooler in summer after they had our replacement conservatory roof panels installed, and that was at 09:00 in the morning!

How to Keep My Conservatory Cool

Mr and Mrs Barton’s readings show an extremely hot temperature of 42 degrees (107 Farenheit!) on one day before their installation. However, with the addition of the insulated panels, and with the temperature outside even hotter, the inside of the conservatory dropped by a massive 13 degrees.

How to Fix an Unbearably Hot Conservatory

Mrs Bennett’s after-installation temperatures show a much more consistent trend than those taken before installation, not once creeping anywhere near 30 degrees. She claimed that the temperatures were much closer to those recorded in the house, making it much more “comfortable”.

The easiest way to make your conservatory cooler is with a Green Space Conservatory Roof. If you’d like a measurably cooler conservatory, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 6525157 or fill in the simple form below:

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