The Green space Team

Brennan Jacomb Green Space

Brennan Jacomb

Managing Director

Brennan is our Managing Director, alongside wife Bea. He founded Green Space UK in 2013 and since then has been at the helm of leading the company to where we are today. In his spare time, Brennan loves spending time with his son, Joe, watching and playing football and looking after his Goldfinches.

Bea San-Jose Green Space

Bea San-Jose

Head of Business

Bea runs the company alongside Brennan. With a love for study and research, Bea is often the best person in the company to go to with ideas that need some theoretical grounding! In her spare time, Bea loves to train and keep fit (she puts us all to shame in the office!) and spend time with her son, Joe.

Joe Jacomb Green Space

Joe Jacomb

The (Real) Boss!

Joe is Brennan and Bea’s son, and is known throughout the office as being the real boss of the company! You might see Joe out and about at our various shows throughout the year. Where does Joe spend all of his hard-earned wages? On trainers of course! – Joe loves his trainers and also playing football in his spare time.

Lewis Treleaven Green Space

Lewis Treleaven

Head of Marketing

Lewis is our Head of Marketing. Lewis is in charge of all of our advertising and marketing, after having previously managed our event schedule, and his job is basically to spend money! If you’ve scrolled across us online, seen us on television, received a letter in the post, heard us on the radio or seen a press advert – Lewis will have been responsible! Cornish born and bred, Lewis enjoys listening to cheesy 80’s music, watching rubbish reality television and is a bit of a foodie (strictly eating, not cooking!).

Reece Mersh Green Space

Reece Mersh

Event Manager

Reece manages all of our shows and events throughout the year. We go to everything – from small garden shows to large county shows, to supermarkets, car-boots and supermarkets… and Reece organises all of this. You’ll probably hear Reece before you see him – having grown up in Spain and with a cockney ‘twang’ he’s certainly one of a kind and is loved throughout the office for his great sense of humour.

Laura Morjaria Green Space

Laura Morjaria

Scheduling Manager

Laura joined the Administration department at Greenspace in 2017 but more recently moved across to the role in our busy Operations department. Laura speaks to each of our customers to arrange their installation and organise our installers' schedules. Outside of work, Laura is busy being a Mum to 2 daughters. She tries to live an active lifestyle and enjoys running, cooking vegetarian foods and spending family time in the great outdoors.

Martha Rawling Green Space

Martha Rawling

Scheduling Administrator

Martha works within the admin team as a Scheduling Administrator. She has been with the team since the beginning of September 2019 and in her spare time, she enjoys running and crafts, particularly crocheting. She also very much enjoys taking her dog out for walks in the forest at the weekends.

Jodie Sloane Green Space

Jodie Sloane

Customer Ambassador

Jodie is our Customer Ambassador at Greenspace UK. She looks after our customers from the moment they place their order until it is installed. When Jodie is not at work she enjoys spending time with her two horses whether it is grooming or exploring the countryside or going to local shows. Jodie also runs for a local running club and takes part in various distances races.

Diane Fagence Green Space

Diane Fagence

Purchasing Administrator

Diane is our Purchasing Administrator in charge of purchasing most of the materials needed for the installations. Outside of work, Diane enjoys painting, drawing and going on lots of walks with her retired guide dog Quita.

Sarah Bridges Green Space

Sarah Bridges

Contracts Support

Sarah supports the planning team to provide on time, in full delivery. She takes ownership of the building control applications, job tendering and fleet vehicles on a daily basis. When she’s at home, the work doesn’t stop! Sarah loves renovating her home and getting stuck into a bit of DIY. When she does take time to relax, she likes to go on a beach walk and sip a nice glass of red wine.

Stuart Wicling Green Space

Stuart Wicling

Finance Manager

Stuart Manages our accounts and finance department. Responsible for all-things-accounts including payroll makes Stu the most popular person in GreenSpace especially when it’s payday! Even though his work is serious business, Stu keeps the office team entertained with his sense of humour and dry well-timed jokes. Stu has many years of experience of accounts and payroll and a degree in Economics from Nottingham Trent Uni. He also taught English in an orphanage in Ghana for 6 months.

Silvia Forgacova Green Space

Silvia Forgacova

Accounts Assistant

Silva works within our accounts team, sorting and filing our finances along with Kerrie. During her weekends, if the weather is nice enough, she goes out for long walks. If not, she spends her time indoors either reading or working on her paintings.

Danny Harding Green Space

Danny Harding

Quotation Manager

Danny came to GreenSpace with a solid track record in Customer Service Telemarketing and as a customer, you may have already spoken with him during your initial enquiries. Danny’s strong professional attributes and success rate, great rapport with people and dedicated work ethic has seen him promoted to head up the GreenSpace quotation team. There is always a dazzling smile whenever you see Danny around the office and he creates a vibrant, fun yet hard-working environment within his department. Danny has recently adopted a French Bulldog, which we have all adopted as our own in the office!

Marcus Sims Green Space

Marcus Sims

Assistant Quotation Manager

Marcus is our assistant quotation manager, working alongside Danny to look after our very busy quotation schedulers! Born and bred in Ringwood, Marcus is a fountain of local knowledge and can often be found cycling around the New Forest.

Melissa Paley Green Space

Melissa Paley

Quotation Team Leader

Melissa works in our quotation scheduling department as a team leader – she runs a small group of quotation schedulers. You might speak to her upon your initial enquiry as she books in our quotation appointments. Outside of work, Melissa loves festivals and travelling.

Harrison Radcliffe Green Space

Harrison Radcliffe

Quotation Team Leader

Harrison has been with the team since 2016, starting as a quotation scheduler. He has worked his way up to the role of quotation team leader and looks after a small team of schedulers. Harrison keeps active by going for long walks, playing football, skiing and snowboarding. When he’s not out and about he loves to spend his evenings cooking.

Alan Walton Green Space

Alan Walton

Quotation Scheduler

Alan has been with Green Space since the very beginning and works in our quotation scheduling department. Alan lights up the room with his great sense of humour and many entertaining anecdotes. If you’re lucky enough to have been in a pub or nightclub with Alan, you will probably know him as the ‘best dancer in Bournemouth’ – which is exactly what he is, putting everyone else in the office to shame!

Richard Carter Green Space

Richard Carter

Quotation Scheduler

Richard is one of our quotation schedulers. You might be lucky enough to speak to Richard when you go to book in your quotation with us. Richard lives in Fordingbridge with his wife and children.

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