Cooler in the Summer

Make A Conservatory Cooler In The Summer

See how our conservatory roof replacement will make your conservatory cooler in summer

You could have fried an egg on the table in there, but now I look upon the conservatory as a new room

Mrs Doyle

How to make a conservatory cooler in the summer

During the summer months, a conservatory can be seen as an extension of the garden. The beautiful weather can make a conservatory into a garden room. Unfortunately, the summer sunshine can also make it roasting hot.

Polycarbonate and glazed conservatory roofs can leave conservatories exposed to the summer elements. In effect, many conservatories become an extra greenhouse.

There are a few things you can try to make a conservatory cooler in summer but these often aren’t effective.

  • You can open the windows, but often this makes little difference and isn’t advised when you are out of the house.
  • Blinds have been used by many suffering conservatory owners. They do help to reduce the glare but in reality, they don’t help to stop the heating from coming in.
  • Tinted glass or blue glass conservatory roofs receive mixed reviews. Many of our customers have replaced theirs as they have made little difference to the temperature.
  • An air conditioning unit can be a costly fix, but isn’t very eco-friendly and can be noisy.
  • In our opinion, the only way to permanently solve the issue and make your conservatory cooler is with a solid, insulated conservatory roof.

How our insulated conservatory roof panels make a conservatory cooler in summer

We offer a simple conservatory roof option to help you enjoy your conservatory during summer. Our insulated roof panels are tailor-made to fit your existing conservatory roof frame and are installed in just one day.

Our conservatory roof panels are precision made from lightweight aluminium. Within every panel is a thick layer of insulation, which is densely packed. This will help to prevent the warm weather making your conservatory too hot during the summer.

We do everything we can to make the installation as simple as possible, ensuring very little disruption for you. While we use your existing conservatory roof frame, we still offer a ten year guarantee.

We won’t JUST make your Conservatory cooler in summer…

A Green Space insulated conservatory roof won’t just make your conservatory cooler in summer. It improves your conservatory in so many ways:

If you’d like to find out more about how to make your conservatory cooler in summer, or would like a quote for our insulated conservatory roof panels, feel free to call us on 08006525157 or fill in the simple form below.