Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Conservatory Roofs

Our Energy Efficient Conservatory Roof Panels can help reduce your bills and carbon footprint

Since having our conservatory glass roof replaced with some of your energy efficient panels we have noticed the difference

Mr and Mrs Lodge

We’ve heard many of our customers tell us that trying to heat their conservatory was ‘like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it’.

With their old glass or polycarbonate roof, they would have to heat it constantly in winter just to make it bearable. The minute the heating was switched off, the room went cold.

Their bills for heating their conservatory were literally going through the roof

Our lightweight panels provide much higher levels of insulation than glass or polycarbonate. With 75mm of high-density foam insulation inside, they are up to eight times better than your existing roof at keeping the heat in.

With our insulated conservatory roof panels installed, your conservatory will become more like a normal room. Usable all year. The heat you put into it will stay put, rather than escaping straight through the roof.

Energy efficient conservatory roof – thermal image

This image of one of our energy-efficient conservatory roofs was taken using a thermal imaging camera. The darker the colour, the lower the temperature of that area.

You can see from the image that the conservatory roof is letting out almost no heat at all. It is even far more efficient than the main roof of the bungalow.

This means your conservatory stays warm and cosy with no need to constantly heat it, therefore reducing your energy bills.

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