Faded Furniture

Conservatory Roof Solutions For Faded Furniture

Our conservatory roofs can prevent your furniture from fading

The conservatory is now enjoyed by everyone. Grandchildren find it an additional room for play away from grown ups

Mrs Stevenson

The average hours of sunlight radiating through a conservatory roof is twelve hours per day. This is despite the ever-changing and unpredictable British weather.

This figure variates and is still higher in summer, and lower in winter. Harmful UV rays still come through in the winter months, despite the darker weather.

The conservatory is often the warmest room in the house. Your furniture and flooring are therefore exposed to harmful UV rays on a daily basis.

This can cause the colour in the furniture to fade. Over time, this can cause lasting damage to the contents of your conservatory.

Our solid insulated conservatory roof panels offer a solution to help protect from faded furniture. The damaging UV rays will no longer be able to radiate into your conservatory. This will allow you to enjoy your conservatory, without the fear of having to constantly replace furniture.