Conservatory Roof Solutions For Glare

Our replacement conservatory roofs panels can help reduce glare

For the first time in 10 years we do not have to close the door to the conservatory when it rains. The noise is now minimal. I previously found it difficult to hear the tv over the loudness of the the rain on the old roof

Mr and Mrs Bailey-Webb

Does the constant glare stop you from enjoying a relaxing evening in your conservatory?

Numerous conservatories were designed to allow maximum natural light to beam around the room. Many however weren’t designed to take the glare from the sunlight in mind.

The simplest of tasks can become very difficult. From reading a book to watching the television, the glare can become a huge distraction.

Whilst it is not only uncomfortable to sit in, the strain caused to your eyes can bring on headaches.
One option to prevent the strain is to consider blinds. These may reduce the glare; however they may also reduce the warmth.

Our insulated conservatory roofing will help make glare issues a thing of the past.