Quieter In Bad Weather

Your conservatory is often the noisiest room in the house because your existing panels offer little to no sound-proofing. When it rains or hails, the impact of the water on the roof often sounds like frozen peas, usually leaving you with no choice but to leave the room to avoid a headache or migraine.

At Green Space UK, our insulated conservatory roofing panels help to reduce the noise of the rain on your conservatory roof. The insulation within the panels acts as a barrier for the sound, and stops it from echoing around your room. You are left with a cosy, quiet and usable space to enjoy relaxing in, no matter the weather.

Quieter in Bad Weather
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A quieter conservatory in all weathers


Reduced Noise - The insulation within the panels helps to limit the noise made in heavy rain or hail, so you can enjoy the space in peace


Increased Strength - The aluminium casing around the panels will stop heavy hail causing problematic holes and damage in the roof


Windproof - The panels are lightweight but strong, and will no longer be a liability in heavy winds

With a Green Space UK conservatory roof, you can have a conservatory that is useable all year round, whatever the weather. Our bespoke design process means that installation takes less than a day. No mess, no fuss, no hassle.

The panels are made of two sheets of powder coated and baked aluminium and wrapped around a thick layer of high density insulation. They are cut to the exact dimensions of your existing conservatory roofing framework, and hand welded by our experts. All of the hard work takes place here in our UK factory, so on installation day all that we need to do is swap your existing panels out with your new, insulated panels. All that you need to do is choose the colour!

As each panel is bespoke, so are our prices - however quotations are completely free and no obligation, so you have nothing to lose. We are a family run business based in Hampshire and since 2013 we have transformed over 12,000 conservatories into useable rooms throughout the country. We know that our product works and our customers are testament to that.

The added bonus is that the noise on the roof from the rain is muted - Rhonda, Woking.

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