Quieter In Bad Weather

Conservatory Roof Solutions For Bad Weather

Our conservatory roofs make your conservatory quieter in bad weather

The added bonus is that the noise on the roof from the rain is muted

Rhonda Cane

The UK is blessed with many beautiful things. The weather is unfortunately not one of them. One of the most quintessentially British things is our bad weather. From the darker winter days to the height of summer, rain is never too far away.

If you have sat in a conservatory whilst it’s raining, it’s hard to avoid. In conservatories with polycarbonate roofing, it’s particularly noticeable.

The simplest of everyday tasks can become difficult to enjoy. It can be hard to hold a simple conversation. It almost becomes very challenging to watch TV.

How to make reduce noise in your conservatory in the rain

We’ve often been told it sounds like a herd of elephants. It can also sound like frozen peas being thrown on your conservatory roof. The noise can be very loud inside a conservatory, when it is raining. As a British company, we appreciate the frustration that bad weather brings. So many customers tell us the noisy weather is a very consistent problem.

Our conservatory roofs will help you relax in your room, without distraction. The thermal insulation within each roof panel helps to mute noise from rain.

Every roof is made up from a bespoke number of insulated conservatory roof panels. The panels are fitted with 75mm of insulation. This is sandwiched between 2mm of aluminium. Each conservatory roof is finished in the colour you chose.

Each roof is also lightweight, but a strong and robust solution. It helps to protect your conservatory during bad weather. The noise from the rain will be greatly reduced.

Our replacement conservatory roofs will help to offer you a peace of mind. You’ll soon be able to unwind in your conservatory, whatever the weather.