Warmer In The Winter

Conservatory Roof Insulation to make your conservatory warmer

See how our conservatory roof insulation will make your conservatory warmer in winter

They’ve made a previously unusable space in winter into an extension of our living room that’s usable when it’s cold or hot

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  • Added Insulation In Your Conservatory
  • Save On Energy Bills
  • Installed in just one day

We can make your conservatory warmer in just one day!

Many conservatories are sold as the dream extra room in your home. In reality, conservatories are often unusable for a lot of the year due to the cold.

This is one of the most common reasons why people look into replacement conservatory roof options. Old building regulations meant conservatory roofs had to be at least 75% transparent. This limited the choice for conservatory roofs to be made from polycarbonate or glazed roof panels.

Unfortunately, these types of conservatory roofs lack proper insulation for conservatories. As you probably know, Britain can become bitterly cold in the winter. As a result, conservatories are often the coldest room in the home. Instead of being the cosy room, they often are simply shut off for the winter. Heating your conservatory is a possibility, but can quickly become very expensive as all of the heat rises and escapes through the roof. It’s like filling a bucket with a hole in it!

Before and After – A Warmer Conservatory you can use all year

Our replacement conservatory roof panels are made to fit your existing framework. We make them from lightweight aluminium and they contain 75mm of high-density foam insulation. This makes them 8 times more efficient than polycarbonate panels. So, when you heat your conservatory, the heat stays in, keeping the conservatory nice and cosy.

If you’d like to see more about how our replacement conservatory roof panels are made, click here.

Polycarbonate and glazed roofs don’t offer much in the way of thermal insulation. Our conservatory roof panels will improve the insulation in your conservatory, making it warmer in winter. Our conservatory roof panels are also energy efficient. You’ll be able to cut costs on your energy bills.

You’ll soon be able to enjoy a cosy room, you can use throughout the winter. The days of locking up the cold conservatory will soon be long gone.

How to make a conservatory warmer Video – Insulated panel installation

Watch the video below and see how easily we install our insulated conservatory roof panels to make a conservatory warmer in winter.

A lot of work goes into the design and precision-manufacture of our panels. This means they can be installed in just one day, ensuring as little disruption as possible.

Your conservatory that was too cold to eat breakfast in can be nice and toasty in time for tea!