New Year, New Space

Gain a New Space This New Year

Reclaim your conservatory with a Green Space conservatory roof!

If you need some extra useable space in your home, or are simply tired of having a conservatory that is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, transform your conservatory into a space you can use all year round by installing a Green Space conservatory roof.

Our insulated conservatory roofing panels consists of 75mm of insulation sandwiched between aluminium casing, keeping the heat in during winter, and making it cooler in the summer.

Rather than ripping the whole roof off, we fit to the existing framework and simply change the panels over, meaning installation takes less than a day.

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Your conservatory becomes too cold because your existing roofing has little to no insulation, essentially meaning all heat is lost through the roof!

To help solve this problem, you need an alternative roofing panel that regulates the heat in your conservatory all year round. That is where Green Space UK can help with our insulated conservatory roofing panel replacement!

Our panels are unlike anything else on the market. Made of aluminium, they are tailor made to fit into your existing conservatory roofing framework. Rather than installing heavy tiling, our solution is a lightweight like-for-like replacement of your existing panels- meaning that the work takes less than a day!

We are a family run business who have helped over 2500 people like yourself transform their conservatory into useable rooms all-year-round. We have thousands of glowing reviews, and a 4.5 score on Trustpilot. We know this product works, and our customers are testament to that.

So why not take advantage of 10% OFF for a limited time only. Fill out the form to get a free, no obligation quote for replacing the panels in your conservatory roof with our insulated alternative.

Made from aluminium, each panel is bespoke and cut to fit directly into your existing roofing frame. The panels contain 75mm of condensed insulation sandwiched within them, essentially meaning that no undercladding or structural changes need to happen. It is a simple panel swap and installation takes less than a day.

The insulation within the panel keeps the heat OUTSIDE of your conservatory in the summer, and keeps it INSIDE during the winter – giving you a room you can use all-year-round.

10% OFF orders placed in this month

We offer a free and no obligation quotation for replacing your roofing panels. To get a quote, simply fill in your details in the form above and one of our team will be in touch.

Mr and Mrs Newman had their conservatory roof replaced with Green Space UK

If you decide to go ahead with an order we provide a FREE thermometer so that you can measure the temperature difference before and after installation. We also give you a 10 year insurance backed warranty for your peace of mind.

As well as regulating the temperature in your conservatory throughout the year, our insulated conservatory roofing panels also:

  • make your conservatory quieter in bad weather
  • eliminate glare
  • stop leaks
  • stop furniture from fading
  • reduce mould and condensation

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below for your free quote and take the first step to transforming your conservatory into a room you can actually use all-year-round. 

*Offer applies to orders of 8 panels or more. Smaller orders receive calculated discount. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other marketing offer. Offer ends 29th February 2020.

COVID-19 UPDATE: All installations have been postponed until WC: 13th April. Existing customers can find out more information about their orders and our contact-free installation process here – Existing Customers.