This is because most houses have ‘permitted development’ rights, meaning that you can extend any part of your house without needing planning permission. Our conservatory roof panels do not change or extend the structure of your home in any way, they are simply replacement panels for the existing panels in place.

In 2010, planning laws changed and conservatories are no longer required to be 75% transparent, meaning that a solid roof is now a popular option for many people looking to improve their conservatory.

Guidelines for permitted development when replacing a conservatory roof

There are certain factors however that come into place when replacing your old conservatory roof with a solid roof. The specifications of your new roof need to fall within certain specifications to ensure that you do not need to contact your local planning authority. For instance, if your building is quite large, then it may cause structural issues for your neighbours. Neighbours may be consulted and are entitled to object to an extension under the ‘Neighbour Consultation Scheme’.

Yet if your conservatory fits within the following guidelines, then you are free to build whatever single-storey extension you like – this would be also applied to putting a solid roof on an existing conservatory. The guidelines for your conservatory, in order to avoid planning permission to fit a conservatory roof, are:

  • A maximum height of four metres high – or three metres high if within two metres of a boundary
  • The extension does not cover more than half of the garden
  • The highest point of the conservatory roof does not exceed that of the main property’s roof
  • Side extensions do not exceed half the width of the property
  • There are no verandas, balconies or raised platforms
  • Rear extensions must not exceed more than one storey
  • Lots of people have successfully replaced their conservatory roofs under permitted development.

Conservatory Roof Replacement Under Permitted Development

                                    Alternative To Conservatory Blinds

If your conservatory fits within those guidelines, then you can press on and replace your old polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof with Thermotec insulated roof panels without having to apply for planning permission. The beauty of the permitted development scheme means that families can extend their homes, without going through the egregious process of seeking planning permission or finding a new house.

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How much is a new conservatory roof?

All our quotes are bespoke to your conservatory size so it’s hard to give an average price. We create tailored panels so they’re the perfect fit, meaning no leaking when it’s wet outside and a longer lasting roof.

How long does it take to replace a conservatory roof?

We replace your conservatory roof in just one day, meaning less hassle and disruption for you. And more time to enjoy your conservatory quickly!

What are the benefits of a new conservatory roof?

If you were to install a Green Space conservatory roof, the benefits go on and on! But the most important ones is that it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, meaning your conservatory is useable all year round.

Will replacing the conservatory roof improve the value of my home?

We’re not strictly allowed to say yes on this, but we would hope that future buyers would see the quality of the materials used and the benefits of a room that is used all year, no matter what the weather is outside. We offer a range of colours and panel looks for you to choose from, so you can match it to existing window panes, house framing or even the curtains if you wanted!

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