Replacement Conservatory Roof in Totton

If you’re looking for a replacement conservatory roof in Totton, you’ve come to the right place.

Upgrade your conservatory in less than one day here at Green Space UK. 

We have installed over 30 of our replacement conservatory roofs in Totton and the surrounding areas and have over 1000 independent reviews on with an average rating of 9.88 out of 10.

Customer Review

Mr and Mrs Lewis contacted us in February 2018. They were unhappy with their 25 year old conservatory that was discolouring and causing them grief because it was unusable due to the drastic temperatures inside.

Before Replacement Conservatory Roof

After we replaced their dirty, Polycarbonate roof with our glossy finish panels they were able to enjoy their conservatory instead of ignore it.

My wife and I are very satisfied with our new conservatory roof. We now have an extra room we are able to use even in the recent very hot weather. Previously we would have been unable to even go into the conservatory let alone sit in it.

Mr and Mrs Lewis, Totton 

After Replacement Conservatory Roof 

You can see how we install our replacement conservatory roofs in the video below.

Our Replacement Conservatory Roofs are light weight, insulated panels that are tailor made to fit your existing conservatory frame. Not only are they quick and easy to install but they will also ensure your conservatory is perfect temperature all year round. 

Our beneficial panels come with a ten-year guarantee. If you’d like to find out a price for your roof or have any questions about our replacement conservatory roofs in Totton, feel free to call us on 0800 65 25 157 or simply fill in the form below:

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Replacement Conservatory Roofs in just one Day

Our replacement conservatory roof panels are installed in just 1 day.

Use the before and after tool to see the difference we can make in just one day. 

Customer Review

Mr and Mrs Restorick-Banks got in touch with us in January 2018. They wanted their conservatory to be a perfect temperature all year round and that is exactly what we gave them. 

Before Replacement Conservatory Roof 

We replaced their Polycarbonate roof with our Aluminium conservatory roof panels so they could have the ultimate upgrade. They can now use their conservatory as another room whatever the weather. 

My husband and I are delighted with our new insulated conservatory roof panels. We now have another room. Warm in the winter months with our heating and we had the heatwave last week, 17/4-23/4, our conservatory was cool so could be used all day. The whole experience from sales, measuring to fitting went very well. We are both impressed and wished we had done this earlier.

Sue and Tony Restorick-Banks, Totton

After Replacement Conservatory Roof

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