Replacement Conservatory Roof Panels

Make your conservatory usable all year with our replacement conservatory roof

Replacement Conservatory Roof Experts

Our innovative panels are made from lightweight aluminium and contain 75mm of high-density insulation. They are very strong but also very light, meaning they don’t add unnecessary weight to your conservatory framework. This also means that in the vast majority of cases, there is no need for planning or building regs. Each panel is powder-coated in whatever colour you like and hand-finished inside and out.

There are plenty of options to consider when looking for a replacement conservatory roof. Solid (or non-transparent) roofs like ours have become more popular since planning regulations were changed in 2010. An insulated alternative to the traditional glass or plastic helps keep your conservatory warmer in winter, cooler in summer and usable all year round.


Planning Permission

Most other non-transparent roof options will be weighty and require planning and building regulations, as well as additional structural work. As a result, installations of these types of roof will typically take 3-4 days.

A Green Space conservatory roof replacement will take less than a day, as the panels are manufactured to fit your existing framework perfectly.


Installed in just 1 day

Our replacement conservatory roof panels are tailor-made to fit your existing framework. This means installation takes less than a day. Minimal disruption. Minimal mess. Minimal stress.

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3 Reasons To Replace Your Conservatory Roof

1. Regulates Temperature (Warmer In The Winter And Cooler In The Summer)

Insulated conservatory roofing panels are 8 times more efficient than polycarbonate panels. So, when you heat your conservatory, the heat stays in, keeping the conservatory nice and cosy. Within every panel is a thick layer of insulation, which is densely packed. This will help to prevent the warm weather making your conservatory too hot during the summer.

2. Energy Efficient

It is said that ¼ of your heat is lost through your roof! By installing insulated conservatory roofing panels you will reduce the heat loss and therefore reduce the amount you spend on your heating bills!

3. 10 Year Guarantee

Manufactured using precision-engineering, the panels are hand-finished to the highest standards. We’re proud of our work and confident in the high-quality product we produce. So confident, that we offer a ten-year guarantee.

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