Solid Conservatory Roofing In Any Colour

Solid Conservatory Roofing In Any Colour

New Solid Conservatory Roofing – in any colour you like!

Up until 2010, conservatory roofing was required to be made from 75% translucent material. Now that has changed and you can have a solid roof on your conservatory. Green Space provide the least disruptive way to put a solid roof on your conservatory.

Benefits of Green Space Solid Conservatory Roofing

  • Warmer in Winter
  • Cooler in Summer
  • Quieter in bad weather
  • Usable all year
  • Installed in just 1 day
  • Over 1000 reviews on
  • Ten Year Guarantee
  • Available in any colour

See the difference our solid conservatory roofing panels can make in just 1 day

Solid Conservatory Roof panes that are EIGHT TIMES more efficient than polycarbonate Conservatory Roof panels

Our solid conservatory roof panels are tailor-made to precisely fit your existing conservatory roof frame. They are made of lightweight aluminium and contain 75mm of high-density foam insulation, giving an excellent U-Value (insulation rating) of 0.29, which is EIGHT TIMES better than polycarbonate conservatory roof panels.

By using your existing framework and our lightweight panels, we can transform your conservatory into ya year-round usable space in just 1 day! You can see how easily we install our solid conservatory roof panels in hte video below.

Solid Conservatory Roof Panels - Installation Video

The exterior can be finished in any colour you like. The most common are white or brown (usually to match the existing frame), but we’ve installed slate grey, black, green, and even bright red panels (for a school in Cornwall). The interior of our conservatory roof panels is finished with a semi-gloss, or matte finish. This helps to combat a loss of light from changing your roof type.

Each conservatory roof is bespoke to your conservatory needs and specifications. There are a number of variants, which are exact to your conservatory. This includes the type of conservatory, the number of panels and the measurements of your existing conservatory roof panels. To get a quote, simply give us a call on 01202 355 780 or fill in the form below and one of our small but dedicated team will give you a callback.