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Spring Sale - 10% Off All Orders

Spring has sprung! We think it’s the best time of year to enjoy relaxing in a conservatory. With that in mind, we wanted to give you the opportunity to spruce up your conservatory roof in preparation for the warmer months with a 10% off sale. We offer an efficient, effective, and contact-free method of turning your conservatory into a room you can use comfortably, whatever the weather. The result is a conservatory that is warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and quieter in bad weather – a new space for you to love in your home.

Our insulated, aluminium conservatory roofing panels are custom-made to fit directly into your current roofing framework, meaning that installation takes less than a day. Rather than replacing the whole roof, we work with your existing framework and simply replace the glass or polycarbonate like-for-like with our bespoke panels. You end up with a beautifully transformed room that retains heat – allowing you to use it through the cold winter periods. Installation takes less than a day, so we can complete the work CONTACT-FREE.

Pricing - 10% off this month

  • Our prices are completely bespoke, dependent on your existing roofing framework dimensions. No two conservatories are the same, and therefore we offer a completely free, no-obligation quote which will give you an exact price for your own conservatory. During the quotation, we simply measure up your existing panels, assess the framework to determine if your conservatory is feasible for the insulated panels and, if so, leave you with an exact costing for the work.To help you spread the cost, we also offer a range of finance options. We can discuss all of these options with you during the quotation and work with you to find the most suitable finance package, if applicable.

To help you spread the cost, we also offer a range of finance options. We can discuss all of these options with you during the quotation and work with you to find the most suitable finance package, if applicable.

How Do The Panels Work?

Your conservatory gets cold in the winter because your existing roof panels have little to no insulation, allowing the cool air to transfer from outside, through the roof and into your conservatory. Any heat that you put in there is transferred straight back out of the roof, rendering the room unusable! The Green Space UK panels are made of a lightweight 2mm aluminium casing, wrapped around 75mm of condensed insulation. The insulation within the panels restricts hear transfer, essentially limiting the cold coming in, and stopping the heat getting out, resulting in a warm, cosy and usable room. In the summer, they perform the opposite function by restricting heat transfer from the sun into the conservatory to stop it getting so hot.

The panels are completely bespoke and can be made in any colour. They come with a high-gloss finish on the underside, reflecting the light coming in from the windows so that your conservatory is still the lightest, brightest room in the house! Check out our gallery to see for yourselves.

We are a family-run business based in the New Forest, but install throughout the UK. We have now installed nearly 5000 roofs, with over 2000 glowing Check-A-Trade reviews and a score of 9.7/10. We know this product works, and our customers are testament to that.

Customer Testimonial

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“The conservatory is now used throughout all of the seasons of the year and is far more comfortable to sit in whatever the weather outside”

Mr and Mrs Gibson – Portishead

Other Benefits

As well as regulating the temperature in your conservatory throughout the year, our customers say that their insulated conservatory roofing panels also:

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our Spring sale and get a completely free, no-obligation quote by filling out the form on this page – we’ll automatically apply your 10% discount!

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