Design Survey

Design Survey For Replacement Conservatory Roofs

All of our conservatory roofs are bespoke to fit your existing conservatory framework. They are designed to be replacement conservatory roof panels and are manufactured as like-for-like replacements of your existing panels.

As we need exact measurements of each individual panel to determine a cost, we offer a completely free no-obligatory design survey. This will allow you to learn more about our insulated conservatory roofing panels and get an exact quotation for replacing your own panels.

We are a green company, and travel at our own costs. As such we try to arrange a time that suits you and your other half, if applicable. This gives everyone involved the opportunity to see the product and ask any questions whilst we are there.

Our consultants each bring a sample panel along with them and explain in more depth how the panels work, exactly what they are made of and the manufacturing and installation process. They’ll bring pictures of other conservatory roof conversions. This should give you an idea of what your new conservatory roof could look like.

They’ll let you read through this information whilst they perform the survey. This involves measuring your panels, rafters and assessing your framework

Our video below offers you the chance to see how a survey works.

The surveys are designed to teach you about our roofs for your conservatory. They are there to help you get as much as information as possible so that you can compare this exclusive solution to the many others out there. Our guys are friendly and full of knowledge; so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have.

After we’ve assessed your structure and measured your roof, we’ll provide you with a written quote.

We have exclusive rights for the South and South West. Our consultants cover the region from Cornwall in the South, all the way to Birmingham. Nobody else can offer these panels in your area, so it is important that you ask us any questions you might have whilst we are there to measure.