Can I replace my conservatory roof with a solid roof without planning permission?

In short, the answer is YES you can.

In 2010, the planning regulations changed to allow conservatories to have a solid roof without the need for planning permission. Prior to this change in regulation, the law stated that to be considered a conservatory, 75% of the roof needed to be translucent in order for the building to be constructed without planning permission. The 2010 planning regulations changed this, prompting a ‘boom’ in solid roofing for conservatories. 

A solid roof comes with many different benefits including noise reduction and temperature control (keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter). The main use of your conservatory will also influence the reason for needing a solid roof – for example, if you use it as a home office, then reducing the glare and regulating the temperature are both highly beneficial reasons for fitting a solid roof.

If you are considering installing a solid roof on an older building then consideration needs to be given to the existing structure and the type of roof that you install to ensure that it can bear the weight – for example –  replacing your conservatory roof with a tiled conservatory roof conversion is one solution however, this option comes with its drawbacks.

Firstly, a tiled roof is going to be much heavier – this means your conservatory will probably need some work in order to be able to support the new tiled roof. Secondly, installation is going to be quite involved as it may mean replacing the existing roof frame with one that is suitable for tiles to be attached to, or fitting the new system over the existing roof, which once again, will add more weight to the structure.

A less expensive option would be to look at a fibreglass and plasterboard option however from experience, we know this is not a long-term solution, particularly if condensation is already an issue in your conservatory. That is because fibreglass replacement conservatory roofs do not offer much insulation. This means water can easily condense on the inside of the roof, causing mould and other damage.

The best option for most conservatories is usually an aluminium and rigid insulation panel system like the one from Green Space UK. These are lightweight and made to order so they fit perfectly into the frame of your conservatory roof.

You don’t need planning permission to put a solid roof your conservatory, however…

  • Always make sure your conservatory framework is structurally sound and can take the weight of a new solid roof. Some are significantly heavier than others. In particular tiled roofs and even a glass conservatory roof can weigh far more than simply plastic panels. If these types of roofs are installed on a framework that was not designed to support them, they can collapse.
  • Any company you use should now be able to provide building regulations advice and sign off for the work. If your current conservatory framework can not support the roof you have chosen, that company should be able to provide you with options on how the conservatory can be strengthened or supported to make adding the replacement conservatory roof possible.
  • Check the guarantees offered by any installer. Good installers will stand by their work. For example, when we replace a conservatory roof, the panels come with a 10-year guarantee and we have a 2-year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Consider your needs. Conservatories offer a variety of benefits to homeowners but not every conservatory roof is built equal. When you are ready to replace a conservatory roof, you should consider 3 things. How long do you want the roof to last? How much of the year do you want to use your conservatory and how quiet do you want your conservatory to be?

    Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are cheap but they have the shortest lifespan. They also let your conservatory get cold in winter and hot in summer so you can only use the room around 4 months out of the year. Plus this replacement conservatory roof type is quite loud during rain, wind and hail.

    A glass conservatory roof replacement offers a bit more insulation but on the whole, it has many of the same problems as polycarbonate. Glass is not great at regulating the temperature so your conservatory will not be a comfortable space for most of the year. It will also be loud in inclement weather.

    A conservatory roof made of aluminum and insulation is generally the most versatile replacement roof. It helps keep your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer. It is quiet in bad weather and it has a long life. That is why we use this type of panel at Green Space UK. Plus our roof panels are lightweight and built to fit any roof. That means they install quickly on most existing conservatory frames.

    Finally, there is the tiled roof. This provides the same benefits as a Green Space roof but it is much heavier, can be more expensive and takes longer to install. As mentioned earlier, a tiled conservatory roof replacement is often too heavy for an existing conservatory frame.
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Solid Conservatory Roof Without Planning Permission Video

Why not take a look at how we can put a solid roof on your conservatory in the video below?

So what do you do?

Here at Green Space UK, we specialise in replacing conservatory roofs to ensure they are insulated and help to regulate the temperature all year round. A Green Space UK roof:

  • Is suitable for most conservatories.
  • Comes with Building Regs sign-off.
  • Uses lightweight materials which means that they can be fitted to most existing structures without having to endure any strengthening of the original structure.
  • Is quick to install and will usually take less than a day, meaning that there is minimal disruption to your home.
  • Is manufactured to order and will slide into your existing structure.
  • Comes with a ten-year guarantee which gives you peace of mind.
  • Contains 75mm of high-density foam insulation, giving it a U-value of 0.29.
  • The age of the existing structure doesn’t affect the installation. We carry out a full site survey prior to manufacturing to ensure that your existing conservatory structure is sustainable for the lifetime of the guarantee.
  • Finished in a colour of your choice, both inside and out.

The Green Space UK roofing system has been used on conservatories both old and new across the UK. With a new roof, the conservatories are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, thus allowing people to use their conservatories all year round and ensuring that we have lots of happy customers!

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