How much does a Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost?

Conservatory Roof Pricing can be a tricky subject. One of the questions we are often asked is ‘How Much Does a Replacement Roof Cost?‘.

Our panels are completely bespoke for each and every conservatory – therefore there is no ‘average price’. Two conservatories could be exactly the same size but there can be major fluctuations in the price. At Green Space UK, we offer a panel replacement service. Rather than ripping the whole roof off and starting again, we make bespoke, aluminium panels to fit into your existing framework. This gives you a solid roof, with much less hassle than other options on the market.

Here is what we base our prices on:

Size of Panels

Our bespoke roofing replacement is manufactured so that it fits into your existing roofing frame. Because of this, we need the exact length and width of your existing panels (down to the millimetre).


Every conservatory roofing framework will be different, therefore we need to know the exact angles to which your existing panels have been fitted to. This is particularly important in terms of pricing because of how the panels are manufactured. During manufacturing, large sheets of aluminium are cut to shape – odd angles can often mean that there is slight wastage of this sheet. Knowing the exact angles of your existing panels will help us to arrange the panels in a way that minimises wastage, in turn minimising costs for you.

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Conservatory Type

Different conservatory types will have different intricacies that we need to take into account – a P-shaped conservatory will need a longer installation time than a simple lean-to, for example. This will affect the price. We also need to assess the accessibility of your conservatory – sometimes we need to look at scaffolding if the job is particularly difficult or high.

Rafter Depths

As the panels are bespoke, we need to make sure that the depth of the panels match the depth of your existing rafters (the roofing framework) so that they can fit like-for-like. Obviously, the bigger the depth, the more material required. This is included in our workings when we look at the angles and shapes to try and minimise wastage so it is of vital importance.

Colour Options

We offer a range of colour options for the external part of the panels, and a range of finishes for the inside. Some of these colours (The Farrow and Ball selection) will affect the final price.

Feasibility of Framework

We offer an insurance-backed 10-year guarantee from the IWA on the panels themselves. We are fitting to an existing structure, and therefore we need to make sure that we are happy to offer this warranty. If we deem your conservatory to be unfeasible, meaning that we wouldn’t be confident in installing our panels due to the bad condition of your current framework, we can discuss the potential of installing a brand new framework. This only occurs in around 5% of our installations. A new framework will require more materials and labour time, so will have an effect on the price.

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Whilst we specialise in roof panel replacements – while we are up there it would make sense that we fix or replace any other parts of your roof that you might want to look at. Top caps, end caps, crests and guttering often become worn and get dirty over time – we can discuss your needs during your survey and include any extras that you might require in your final price.

One size does not fit all!

Hopefully this page has been helpful in explaining exactly why it is so difficult for us to give a ‘ballpark’ figure or an average cost for a particular sized conservatory. To get a price, it is important that we look at all of the above as some aspects can change the price drastically. The last thing we want is to give you false hope by suggesting a price that is much lower than your budget. In contrast, we would hate to put you off transforming your conservatory by giving you a price that is too high, when in fact your particular framework means we can do it for much less. Conservatory Roof Pricing really is a bit of a headache, but we are able to give you an exact price…

All of our quotations are completely free and absolutely no-obligation. They are designed to give you an exact price for you to base your decisions on. You have absolutely nothing to lose by getting a conservatory roof price from us, except a bit of time and perhaps a cup of tea for the surveyor whilst they are measuring – some biscuits if they are lucky! We have over 2500 great reviews on our Checkatrade – we are a friendly, family-run business that you can trust to give the best price every time.

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