Meet The Team

JJ is our blue Whippet

He is a key member of the team, but can sometimes have a negative effect on productivity in the office if he’s in a particularly playful mood!

It is very hard to ignore those beautiful eyes!

Elvis & The Goldfinches

Elvis is our resident crooning Bullfinch. He lives in the aviary with his backing vocalists the goldfinches. If you ever happen to call into the office or warehouse, you’ll hear him singing his heart out. Feel free to bring some mealworms (his favourite treat) if you ever come to visit.


You’ll see him (and probably hear him first) on our show and exhibition stands throughout the summer. He grew up in Spain, so speaks fluent Spanish with a wonderful ‘cockney twang’.


Danny came to GreenSpace with a solid track record in Customer Service Telemarketing and as a customer you may have already spoken with him during your initial enquiries. Danny’s strong professional attributes and success rate, great rapport with people and dedicated work ethic has seen him promoted to head up the GreenSpace Telemarketing team. There is always a dazzling smile whenever you see Danny around the office and he creates a vibrant, fun yet hard-working environment within his department.  Out of work, Danny loves a variety of sports including squash and swimming and has recently taken up golf, so if you have any tips, do please share!


Joe is Brennan and Bea’s son. He’s 10 years old and loves ninjas and the colour green. He chose his own job title but in reality, he’s our number 1 salesperson. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to speak with him on one of our stands at the many shows and exhibitions we attend throughout the summer.


Tony heads up our National Sales Team and when he isn’t fielding calls from our Marketing and Business Development Consultants (which doesn’t leave much time, with how busy we are), Tony enjoys playing one of his three guitars, watching his beloved Stoke City, and spending time with his equally-beloved three children. Tony has been with us from the very start and oversees the sales process for all of our new customers.


Probably the most popular member of the team. If you’ve had a quote from us, the likelihood is, you’ve spoken to Alan. He answers the majority of the calls that come into the telesales office and has done since the dawn of time (well, since we founded GreenSpace). When he’s not at work, he loves spending time with his family and finding out what they had for pudding.


Val moved to the New Forest in 2009 with her partner Kelvan and came to GreenSpace after her Aunt and Uncle had their conservatory roof fitted by us. Val’s long track record in customer service makes her the ideal person to welcome new customers and to oversee their journey of their conservatory roof project.  Val loves the positive, vibrant atmosphere at GreenSpace and when not in the office she and Kelvan love spending time with their family.  Val also like to swim and goes to the Gym regularly which she says helps her to keep up with her Grandsons!


Stuart (Stu’) moved to Bournemouth from Wimbledon in 2009. He joined us in 2014 to head up the Accounts department. Responsible for all-things-accounts including payroll makes Stu the most popular person in GreenSpace especially when it’s payday! Even though his work is serious business, Stu keeps the office team entertained with his sense of humour and dry well-timed jokes.  Stu  has many years experience of accounts and payroll and a degree in Economics from Nottingham Trent Uni. He also taught English in an orphanage in Ghana for 6 months.


Jo keeps us organised! Jo moved to Hampshire when she met and married her husband, Andy and they now have 2 lovely daughters. Jo has an extensive background in office management and having worked with a few members of the GreenSpace team a few years before, Jo ‘popped’ in for a chat and the rest is history! Jo manages our Office Administration, Operations, Customer Service and HR department! Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family relaxing at the local beaches or parks, or in rare ‘me-time’ moments she may hit a few shuttles on the badminton court or take part in an aquacise class.


Diane joined us after relocating to the New Forest with her partner Andy. Diane’s previous experience in sales, customer service and purchasing along with her cheerful manner make her the ideal person for such a busy and varied role within the GreenSpace Operations Team.  Customers will usually speak to Diane at least a couple of times as she plays a key role in the planning of each conservatory roof installation.  Diane is also a keen artist and loves to paint in her spare time.


Ken is our Contracts Manager and has many years experience in the home improvement industry. His key role is to oversee our growing operations department.  As a customer you may talk with Ken in the lead up to your Installation, or meet with him on your Installation day. Ken commutes into the GreenSpace office in Ringwood every day from the coastal town of Southsea where he lives with wife Maggs and grown up children Emma, Sophie and George . He still manages to fit in football, golf, squash and tennis (more watching than participating these days) and spending time with the family in Southsea. He’s a Man United fan, but please don’t hold this against him.


Martin is our warehouse man/all-round handy man. He has to be at the office early to make sure everything is in order for the Installation Teams. He’s a keen Chelsea fan, and loves his fishing and cycling.


Stuart is Lead Installer with partner Simon.  (Our ‘Little and Large’ team  – if you get to meet Stuart and Simon you will know why!) Stuart has been in the conservatory fitting industry for many years and has a really lovely nature and is so helpful and cheerful, we receive the nicest comments back from our customers after Stuart and Simon have fitted their conservatory roof. When not busy installing conservatory roofs, Stuart keeps himself fit walking, running, playing golf and is also a boxer and takes part in boxing events. He’s getting married in a few months and is a dad of two.


Simon partners Stuart as an Installer.  He’s our gentle giant, and is a keen football fan, supporting Manchester City fan. He is often kept busy with his two young boys.


Ben is an Installer with a long career in the conservatory and window industry.  He has worked with partner Nigel for many years and they are also the best of mates, often holidaying and socialising together. Ben is married to Lizzie and they have four young children, a Doberman and Chihuahua. He was in the Army for 6 years as a 27th reg Hgv driver. He’s a keen boxer and likes going to the gym.


Nigel is Lead Installer and partner with Ben. He has many years experience in the Conservatory and Window Industry and has worked with Ben for many years.  (a.k.a. Ant and Dec as you rarely see one without the other). Nigel has been married to Charlotte for 16 years, and they have four children. He loves going to music festivals and concerts and is, unfortunately, another Manchester United fan.


Dan is one of our team of Southern Technical Surveyors who you may meet near the start of your order for a Conservatory Roof.  When not busy on top of a conservatory roof taking measurements, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, they are kept very busy at home as Dan is also refurbishing their home. He enjoys long walks when he has the chance to!


Neil is our Midlands Technical Surveyor. He’s our resident Scot and a keen Hibernian fan. He’s been married to Louise for 15 years, and they have a 10-year-old son. He’s a keen cyclist, as well as a big fan of football and running.


Joe a partner Installer with James. He’s happily married to Sarah, with two young children. He’s also the owner of a British bulldog.


Matt is one of our team of Southern Technical Surveyors. Matt has been married to Kate for 18 years, is kept busy with his 5 young children. When he gets a spare moment he enjoys playing football, badminton and boxing.

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