Why Can't You Give Me A Quote For A Conservatory Roof Replacement Without Visiting?

One of our most frequently asked questions, particularly over social media, is ‘Why can’t you tell me how much it would cost to replace my conservatory roof without visiting?’

This may seem quite a reasonable request if you are sat at home in your conservatory, where you can measure the existing roof panels, and are able to tell us exactly how big the existing ones are. So why can’t we give you a price?

There are a number of very good reasons as to why we cannot quote a price over social media, or without having in-depth details of your conservatory and they include (but are not exclusive to), the following:


All of our roof panels are manufactured to order. This means that they are made to the exact size for your conservatory to fit into the existing roof structure.  It is important that we measure, as if there is an issue with fitting, it is our responsibility to ensure they are measured up correctly. We also will provide your panels coloured to your choice which once again will impact on the final price.


The age of your conservatory is a key consideration when replacing the roofing structure with our Green Space roof panels. The age of your conservatory will date the original build and the types of materials used, and the current condition. Our roof panels will fit with most structures, however we guarantee our product for ten years so we need to be sure that the structures that our panels are going into will also last the term. Also with older structures, we need to check for movement, warping and many other weather / age related issues.

Shape and Access

The shape of your conservatory will depend on how easy it is to fit the panels, and could also impact on the manufacturing costs if a bespoke template needs to be made. Also is access easy or do we need to think about scaffolding or removing fence panels in order to access the build? All these points need to be considered at the quoting stage.

Roof Structure

Over social media, we cannot tell what the state of repair of the current roof structure is, or what it’s made of. We need to be able to see first hand exactly the structure of your conservatory roof so that we can assess its suitability.

These are just a few key reasons why we are unable to give a set price for a standard size of conservatory. With so many variants to consider, it is impossible for us to be able to provide our customers with an accurate quote without first taking a look. To quote accurately for your conservatory roof replacement, we do need to see the existing structure.

All quotes are completely free and, obviously without obligation. You’ll also get the chance to ask any questions you have about the panels, company and process as well as seeing some samples.

Hopefully this helps to answer a few questions that many of you have about our quoting system. If you are interested in finding out more, then please contact us today on 01202 355870 or fill in the form below for a call back.

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